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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Som Shekar speaks about his stammering problem while talking about his life journey

The Bigg Boss season 4 started last week with 16 contestants. Like the last 3 seasons, this year too, actor Kamal Haasan is hosting. Following the selection of actress Ramya Pandian as the first week captain, she divided the other contestants into a separate group called Cooking, Cleaning and Bathroom Cleaning.

Following this, Bigg Boss asked all the contestants to talk about their life journey in front of other contestants. Following that the contestants all shared with other housemates about the hardships they faced in their lives.
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Speaking in that vein today Som Shekar said that like everyone else we lived as a joint family and the father failed at his young age. He went on to say that he had a desire to clean up the world from an early age and wanted to talk a lot with everyone.

He said that I came second on Vijay TV’s Azhagiya Tamizh Magan in 2009 and subsequently acted in a few films in 2010. Som, who said he was in a relationship at the time, said he became very depressed after the relationship broke up. He also shocked other contestants by saying that he stammers from childhood.
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 He said that no one knew about it except his mother and a few friends, he said that he did not want to reveal this grievance to many.

He said that because of this problem he turned down many platforms and film opportunities and recovered from this and came here to get used to talking to everyone. At the time he mentioned that he was stunned, the other contestants there said that they could not believe it and that if he had not told them they would still not know about it.

Som, who subsequently enjoyed singing rap music before other contestants, regretted that a lot of people teased him for this flaw. He said that he would like to say one thing to those who have this defect like him and that it’s those like them who are blessed in this world. And he was so excited that other contestants clapped and cheered him on overcoming his obstacles. It is noteworthy that the speech of Balaji, another contestant following him, disturbed not only the contestants but also the audience watching the show.
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  1. George L. says

    Great article. Stammering reaches so far and wide. The Stuttering Foundation website has a biographical article on Hrithik Roshan , as well as many on other famous stammerers. The site rovides many free resources to stammerers of all age groups.

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