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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote Results Elimination 5th Week: Ramya Krishnan to eliminate Sujatha during weekend?

Nagarjuna might not host Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 weekend episodes this week and Ramya Krishnan might appear in her place. Nagarjuna is the host of BB 4 which is going on juicily. News that the Bigg Boss host is changing exactly at this point has become a hot topic among the masses on social media. It has become interesting to know that another celebrity is going to appear instead of Nagarjuna in the Bigg Boss host position.

These contestants are nominated for 6th Week elimination in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu

It seems that Nagarjuna, who recently went to Thailand for the shooting of his new film ‘Wild Dog’, is yet to return. He is scheduled to shoot there for a few weeks. The Bigg Boss ownership planned to hire someone to replace Nagarjuna in a few episodes without disturbing him. Earlier, NTR, Nani and Nagachaitanya were also contacted for this purpose. They all said that they were busy with their film shootings. With this, the offer went to Ramya Krishnan.

Ramya Krishnan was the host of Bigg Boss last season when host Nagarjuna was not available. According to reliable sources, she also responded positively to the proposal brought by the Bigg Boss ownership. Ramya Krishnan has been in charge of Bigg Boss House since this week. It seems that she will be stepping foot in Bigg Boss House this (Friday) evening.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Voting Results Week 5

Ramya Krishnan is expected to eliminate Sujatha this weekend as she has got the least votes according to various sources. We will have to wait and watch if there will be a twist with double elimination. In that case Amma Rajashekar will get eliminated along with Sujatha during weekend.

On the other hand, it seems that Nagarjuna wants to come on a special plane and shoot Bigg Boss. However, there is a kind of curiosity among the people as to who will be the host of this week’s episode. We will have to wait and watch

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