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Is Balaji Murugadoss a friend of Tharshan, Why is he Fighting With Sanam Shetty? Balaji in Legal Trouble?

Popular model Balaji Murugadoss’ fake claims and his defaming statements about a modeling pageant has created the first controversy in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4. Balaji Murugadoss was trending ever since he revealed the harsh truths about his childhood. Balaji’s struggles highlighted his poor childhood where his parents were alcoholics. However, Balaji claimed that he was helped by certain people in his life because of which he is what he is today.

Claim #1: Did Balaji Murugadoss Struggle for Money as He Claimed?

There are a lot of rumors and allegations against Balaji Murugadoss‘s financial affluence. According to sources, Balaji Murugadoss is from an affluent family and he spends at least three to four days in a posh pub in Nungambakkam, Chennai. Though his claims about a troubled childhood were true, reports suggest that the injury which he claimed to caused by his parents was caused by an accident.

Balaji Murugadoss sanam shetty bigg boss tamil 4

Claim #2: Is Balaji Murugadoss a friend of Tharshan?

Balaji Murugadoss’s attitude was the talk of the weekend episodes of Bigg Boss Tamil 4. Since Balaji took on Sanam’s modeling pageant and demeaned it, host Kamal Hassan pulled him up. Though Balaji did not counter-argue with host Kamal Hassan, he was visibly frustrated. The underlying question is whether Balaji is a friend of Tharshan, Sanam Shetty’s ex-beau, and Bigg Boss 3 contestant. During the weekend episode, Balaji mentioned that Sanam was trying to play the victim card. However, this was not completely true.

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Claim #3: Will Balaji Murugadoss Face Legal Action for Defaming a Beauty/Modeling Pageant?
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Balaji Murugadoss outrightly called the beauty/modeling pageant which Sanam Shetty worked for as ‘dubakoor’ which means worthless. This irked Sanam Shetty who confronted him again and requested him not to make such demeaning statements. Sanam Shetty was hurt when someone called the pageant she works for as worthless.
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Sanam Shetty received a lot of support on social media and this statement erased Balaji’s sympathy which he gained from his speech about his journey.

Balaji Murugadoss sanam shetty bigg boss tamil 4

Considering Balaji’s demeaning statements, Joe Micheal has promised legal action against Balaji or an apology in the Bigg Boss platform would suffice. Last year, Meera Mithun was legally slapped during her tenure in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 by Joe Micheal and his legal team.

Claim #4: Was Balaji Murugadoss involved in an accident that brutally hurt a Swiggy delivery boy last year?

In October 2019, there was a supercar related accident which Balaji Murugadoss was involved in. The car was allegedly claimed to be Yaashika’s car but Balaji Murugadoss was also a part of it.
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The case involved ‘drunk and drive’ and several other legal issues. Balaji was in the car which rammed on a Swiggy delivery guy and went on to break a small tea shop in Valluvar Kottam High Road in Chennai.

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