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Bigg Boss 4 nominated contestant gets a chance to win eviction free pass, who will get saved from eviction voting?

The fourth season of Bigg Boss 2nd week started after the end of an eventful first week. The contestants were a bit relieved as there was no eviction in the first week. Nomination for this is currently underway in 2nd week. A total of 8 contestants were nominated to leave the house at the end of the life party task that took place last week.

Eight people, including Sanam, Shivani, Samyuktha, Rekha, Ramya Pandian, Gabriella, Aajeedh and Suresh Chakravarthy, were added nomination list at the end of the task. But Suresh was saved from the nomination as Suresh was elected captain of the house this week.

A total of seven contestants nominated for Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Week 2 eviction

The nomination process took place yesterday with the restriction that only the remaining seven can be nominated. Everyone went to the confession room, and the contestants mostly chose the names of Sanam Shetty and Shivani. However, it was finally announced that a total of 7 contestants would be added to the nomination list.

In this case, the promo video of today’s Big Boss show is out. For the first time in the history of the Big Boss, an Eviction Free Pass is introduced. Those eight nominated contestants are given a chance to win this pass. Talk to everyone and get out one by one; this pass will only be available to one person at the end of this task. It is noteworthy that the person receiving this can no longer be evicted even in the coming weeks.

The promo video that has just been released shows that eight contestants are actively discussing this. They are the first to send Shivani out. Next Aajeedh leaves.

Great anticipation has arisen right now about who will get this pass and get the chance to be there throughout this season.

Sanam Shetty was the most nominated candidate in this week’s nomination. Not only that, but everyone is reporting on social media that Sanam is more likely to leave. Many said that it looks like Sanam Shetty has been acting since the show started. Everyone knows she’s a big fan of blowing up even the smallest thing, and others are accusing her of the same.

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