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All contestants target Balaji Murugadoss for his anger in the latest Bigg Boss Promo

Big Boss House Balaji Murugadoss has been expressing his anger in many places since the beginning. He has been showing his anger to everyone from Archana to Suresh Chakraborty. So some problems continue to occur.
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In this case, the promo video for the 19th day Bigg Boss 4 has been released today. Many including Archana have targeted Balaji Murugadoss.

Aranthangi Nisha first suggested Bala’s name, followed by others including Velmurugan and Som Sekar.
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And when Archana speaks, she mentions that ‘Bala is very angry’. Balaji, who stood up then, could not help but be angry. There is no minus getting angry. ‘

The promo video also shows Archana saying something about Balaji Murugadoss as ‘He is still battling his anger’. Already there was a problem between Archana and Balaji when the speech task was going on yesterday.

Balaji has repeatedly accused Archana, who was the Jude of the task, of supporting only one side. Archana scolded Balaji during the final verdict. ‘There will be one child in every family. No matter what you give, keep crying. The only way to be quiet is to give him a beating. Balaji is such a child ‘said Archana.
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So angry Balaji looked at her and said ‘You are the referee. Just do that work. ‘

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