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Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Written Update October 24, 2020: Kamal Condemns Balaji, Sanam and Suresh’s Actions!

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 completes its third week. The drama, fun, and fights peaked this week, which featured three different tasks. A lot of contestants lost their way while the others realized the game with more clarity. With an eviction to be announced later this weekend, several incidents were worthy of sparing a thought this week.

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Written Update

The contestants began the day by shaking their legs to the song, “Sathiyama nee enaku thevaya illa’. Sanam begins the day by telling that she will not compete in the captaincy task for some reason, which she fails to confess. Bigg Boss released Aari and Aajeedh from jail after a long period of time. The contestants had a lighter moment to share related to Sanam’s performance in the ‘royal family vs. arkargal’ task.

Is a Gabi & Balaji Love Story Brewing in Bigg Boss House?

Meanwhile, Aajeedh, Gabriella, and Suresh are having a fun conversation. Gabriella doesn’t like being called ‘sister’ by Balaji. She wishes to be a friend. Bigg Boss is opening a new love story track with Gabi and Balaji but will it be as spicy as Kavin and Losliya?

Balaji makes a statement during lunchtime, stating that he expects mutual respect. Velmurugan and Nisha retrospect Balaji’s attitude. Nisha felt that Balaji’s statements were directed towards her. Balaji felt intimidated by Archana’s reference stating that Balaji is a kid. Rio clarified that it was not targeted towards one individual.

Kamal Hassan Retrospects The Week’s Proceedings

As Kamal Hassan quizzed the individuals’ experience, Aari revealed his bad experiences very closely. Balaji confessed his disappointment in being branded as a kid. Kamal Hassan plunged into the next sensational event this week. Suresh regretted his mistake and explained his point of view. Kamal Hassan felt that violence against women should not be glorified on a popular show like Bigg Boss. However, Kamal Hassan also pulled up Sanam for her words and how she reacted or abused Suresh.

Did Archana Go One Step Ahead in Pushing for Suresh’s Apology?

Kamal Hassan dwelled into the Suresh vs. Sanam fight. Kamal Hassan felt fellow housemates jumped into pushing for an apology. Archana’s dominance in the spur of the moment was also retrospected.

Balaji’s Words Hurt Suresh?

Suresh entered the confession room earlier this week. He broke down in tears for the words used by Balaji while he regretted his mistake. Balaji’s words in the spur of the moment were disrespectful, as rightly pointed out by Kamal Hassan.

Sanam revealed that she had some underlying emotions which caused those words to come out while Suresh hit her.

The first task of the weekend episode is pretty interesting. The contestants can ‘tick’ the contestant who has to stay and the ‘crossmark’ next to the contestant who will get evicted.

Ramesh wanted Suresh to stay, Aajeedh to be evicted.

Samyuktha wanted Suresh to stay, Anitha to be evicted.

Ramya wanted Suresh to stay, Anitha to be evicted.

Rio wanted Aajeedh to stay, Balaji to be evicted.

Nisha wanted Aajeedh to stay, Balaji to be evicted.

Archana wanted Anitha to stay, Balaji to be evicted.

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