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Bigg Boss Tamil: Was Suresh Saved From Eviction Because of Kavin’s Fans’ Votes?

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 gains steam as the contestants grapple for safe positions and strategies in the house. Three weeks were completed, with a couple of issues flaring up beyond control. Rekha Harris is the only contestant to be evicted so far. Aajeedh used his ‘eviction free pass’ to save himself this week.
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Hence, only one contestant left the show so far.

The major highlight of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil is Suresh Chakravarthy. Suresh entered the house as an underdog because the trend of evicting older contestants in the first few weeks was a reality.
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Suresh gained a lot of coverage and traction thanks to his witty skills and ability to cause a flurry house worked in his favor. However, the mastermind in the house received the wrath of the fellow housemates under multiple incidents. One was during his fight with Anitha, which was unnecessarily flared up by the latter.

Suresh’s tussle with Sanam and his ability to instantly apologize and realize his mistake showed his maturity. However, he has evolved as a strong contender to go long in the Bigg Boss journey this season. Suresh was nominated for last week’s eviction alongside four other housemates.

Though Suresh received sizable coverage and attention during the weekday episodes, his actions during the ‘Naada Kaada’ task caused his image to take a beating. However, Suresh managed to stay afloat in this week’s eviction as Aajeedh received the least votes.

A different perspective on Suresh’s safety this season is cropping up on social media.
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The star contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil 3, Kavin voiced his support for Suresh Chakravarthy under multiple occassions. Even after a year of his Bigg Boss journey, Kavin still holds a massive fan base. Kavin’s open support for Suresh triggered his fans to vote for Suresh as well. Hence, Suresh is riding on a different horse outside the house but will it be strong enough to propel him into the finals of Bigg Boss 4?

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