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Anthony Maroon Quits: AFL TV rights, Check Here For Why He Is Leave!

Australian radio host Anthony Maroon was born and raised in Sydney.

Inverell, New South Wales, radio station 2NZ hired Maroon in late 1989 after he graduated from the well-known private Sydney radio school, Max Roley’s Media Academy.

At the time, Maroon was a complete noob who had no idea how to use the station’s on-air equipment, read ads, or project his voice properly.

As a 2NZ broadcaster, Jason West had an early impact on Maroon’s career path. He went on to change his name, complete a Master of Journalism, and work as an overseas foreign correspondent with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). As part of West’s coaching, Anthony learned to project his personality, speak one-on-one, and understand the broadcast notion of ‘just one listener.'”

Maroon soon followed West out of 2NZ (referring to the station as “Inver-Hell” and the town of Inverell as “a backward place to work”). It was the end of 1990 at the time.

At Goulburn station 2GN, Maroon was hired to do drive (the early evening shift). In no time, he had made his way up to hosting the breakfast show at 2GN, where he rapidly became one of the station’s most beloved hosts due to his ability to connect with a rural audience who appreciated sports and the finer things in life.

Maroon’s manager, Jason West, once provided 2GN an early cassette recording of Maroon, which messed up Maroon’s presentation on 2NZ. ‘Don’t forget where you came from was the message West left Anthony, telling him to stay grounded in the radio industry.

On his third station, i98-FM in Wollongong, Maroon returned to the late-evening shift, but soon after he was promoted to the breakfast show, which he had not done since his days at 2NZ. Maroon got his start in the world of television in Wollongong, where he hosted a football show for the local station Win-TV.

A few years later, Maroon was able to fulfill the goal he had expressed to 2NZ back when he was working there: ‘to work back in Sydney, my hometown – but work in radio’. After being offered a position working late evenings at Sydney station 2MMM, he packed up his stuff and promptly shifted his life back to Sydney.

As of January 2008, Maroon began hosting The Shebang, a morning radio show, and commentating on triple m’s Monday night football broadcast.

According to Maroon’s agency, one of his greatest strengths is his ability to read an audience’ “Anthony was never the most intellectual, deep thinking guy, but he has a huge ability to instantly make friends, utilizing other people for the skills he needs to learn most – and then bravely using the new skills, whether really ready or not,” says Jason West, now a roving BBC reporter (and using a different name to protect his identity).

In retrospect, Maroon’s rise to prominence after just working for three stations is quite an accomplishment (2NZ, 2GN, and i98). Yet, apart from the abilities already described, Maroon is the ideal Sydney radio personality type: There are a lot of similarities between Anthony Maroon and the working class individuals he interacts with on a daily basis in Sydney, which is where he grew up and where his Lebanese family has roots.

Anthony Maroon Career

anthony maroon quits

Max Rowley’s Media Academy graduated Maroon in 1989. The weekend breakfast program at station 2NZ in Inverell, where he began his radio career, and afterward the daily breakfast show, were his first on-air gigs. In November of 1990, he moved to Goulburn, New South Wales, and took a job as an evening drive announcer at 2GN.

Aside from his first two stations, Maroon worked at i98FM in Wollongong as an evening host but was soon elevated to host the morning show. In addition, he served as the anchor of WIN TV’s weekly football special.

After a few years, he accepted a position at Triple M Sydney as a late-night host. Maroon joined Phil Gould and Jimmy Smith on Triple M’s Monday Night Football broadcast in January 2008 as an anchor for the breakfast radio show The Shebang.

He joined Vega 95.3 as a drive announcer in December[when?], succeeding Jason Stavely. The South Sydney Rabbitohs used him to conduct their post-game parties at Stadium Australia at the same time. In 2010, he was the weekend voice of the North Queensland Cowboys rugby league team for Townsville’s 4TO and Cairns’ 99.5 Sea FM.

Maroon returned to Triple M Sydney in the middle of 2012 and worked as a fill-in broadcaster till the end of the year. Afternoons, he took the place of “Love Rod” Maldon. In 2013, he swapped shifts with Chris “Becko” Beckhouse (9 am–12 pm).

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After an On-Air Smackdown, Anthony Maroon Resigned from His Sunday Show on Triple M.

anthony maroon quits

After one of his co-hosts apologized for an on-air blow-up that “broke a mateship,” veteran broadcaster Anthony Maroon has stepped down indefinitely from his Triple M radio show, the Sunday Sin Bin.

Liam Flanagan, a well-known rugby league pundit, has been brought in to join James Hooper, Paul Kent, and Gorden Tallis on the weekend show.

In a Shocking Turn of Events, Maroon 5 Announced the News at The Start of Today’s Performance.

This was Maroon’s final appearance on the show after seven or eight years, he said in a pre-recorded piece.

“I’m going to take Sundays off and devote more time to my work as a sports commentator. Thank you so much to everyone who has shown their support this week; it has been truly amazing and humbling at the same time. Nothing is going to change. Even though I won’t be there, the Sunday Sin Bin will bring you all the latest in rugby league news, which you can hear right here first.

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