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Anderson Cooper Net Worth: How Rich Is He? Check Here for More Info!

Cooper, Anderson Hays, was born on June 3, 1967, in New York City, New York, USA. Anderson Cooper 360°, a CNN news show he hosts, relies heavily on his reporting and analysis. Cooper is a CNN correspondent as well as a CBS News correspondent for 60 Minutes.

At Yale, Cooper earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1989 while growing up in Manhattan as the son of Vanderbilt affluents. He began traversing the world as a young journalist for Channel One News, capturing images of war-torn countries.

ABC hired Cooper as a correspondent in 1995, but he quickly expanded his responsibilities to include co-anchoring, hosting a reality game show, and filling in for a morning talk show.

Life in The Beginning

New York City native Anderson Hays Cooper was born in Manhattan on June 3, 1967. Cooper is the younger son of Wyatt Emory Cooper, a writer, and Gloria Vanderbilt, an artist, fashion designer, and writer.

Through his mother, Cooper is also descended from Civil War brevet Major General Hugh Judson Kilpatrick, who accompanied General William T. Sherman as he marched through Georgia.

Experiencing Life on My Own

anderson cooper net worth

This year, Cooper became the first openly homosexual person to moderate a presidential discussion in general elections when he presided over Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s second presidential debate in 2016. Before coming out as gay in the media, Apple CEO Tim Cook sought to advice from Cooper.

Cooper’s mother died in June of this year. The majority of her assets had been bequeathed to her son, and only a few weeks after her death had this been made public.

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In What Way Did Anderson Cooper Become a Sensation?

There can be no doubt that Cooper’s wealth and connections aided in his success. But he claims that he has no special access to his family’s wealth. On The Morning Meeting podcast in September 2021, he said, “I don’t believe in passing on huge amounts of money.

I don’t care about money, but I don’t want to leave my son with some sort of financial windfall. The advice of my parents, ‘College will be paid for, but you have to get started,’ is what I’m going to follow.'”

When Anderson finished Yale in 1989, he joined Channel One News as a fact-checker, eventually reporting on the unrest in Myanmar (then commonly known as Burma). As a result of his work, he was quickly elevated to the position of correspondent for the network.

ABC News co-anchor Cooper moved to ABC in 1994, where he co-anchored World News Now for several years before moving to The Mole in 2000. CNN hired him as a reporter in 2001, and two years later, Anderson Cooper 360° debuted.

His Net Worth Is Unknown at This Time.

Cooper is one of CNN’s best-known personalities, earning an estimated $12 million per year.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a fortune of $50 million.

Cooper also inherited his mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s fortune and all of her possessions upon her death.

The amount of his monetary inheritance, however, is not clear, as he claims his mother never left him any kind of trust fund.

There is no trust fund, Cooper said in an interview with Howard Stern that was first reported by Business Insider.

That was not the case, he said.


anderson cooper net worth

After graduating from Yale, Cooper tried to get a job at ABC by answering phones, but he was turned down each time. With the help of a friend, Cooper was able to get his foot in the door of on-air reporting by creating a fake press pass.

Cooper joined ABC News as a correspondent in 1995, and on September 21, 1999, he was promoted to co-anchor of the network’s overnight World News Now program.

Cooper is a freelance writer who has written for a variety of publications, including Details magazine. As part of his HarperCollins contract, he wrote a memoir titled Dispatches from the Edge in 2006, in which he described his travels and experiences in places like Sri Lanka, Africa, Iraq, and Louisiana during the preceding year.

A new CNN documentary series, titled “Planet in Peril,” premiered in October 2007, hosted by Cooper and Sanjay Gupta and Jeff Corwin.

It was in 2008 that a sequel to ‘Planet in Peril: Battle Lines’ was produced by Cooper with Gupta and Lisa Ling from National Geographic Explorer.

Anderson Cooper is expected to have a fortune of $200 million by the year 2022.

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