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The Night of Ending: Did Naz Kill Andrea? Everything You Need to Know!

Inspired on the first season of Criminal Justice, a 2008 British series, The Night Of is a 2016 American eight-part crime drama television miniseries. Richard Price and Steven Zaillian penned the script (based on Peter Moffat’s original Criminal Justice concept) and Zaillian and James Marsh directed the miniseries.

The Night Of, which debuted to rave reviews on HBO on July 10th, 2016, was a critical and popular success. The first episode was broadcast on June 24, 2016, via HBO’s on-demand platforms.

Five Emmy Awards were given to The Night Of, including Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series for Riz Ahmed, who garnered 13 nominations.


John Stone, a lawyer for Nasir Khan, is played by John Turturro in this film.
Riz Ahmed as Nasir “Naz” Khan, a Pakistani-American college student accused of murdering a woman on the Upper West Side of New York City
Actor Michael K. Williams portrays Rikers Island inmate Freddy Knight.

an investigator working on Nasir’s case, played by Bill Camp
Jeannie Berlin as Helen Weiss, a district attorney working on Nasir’s case
Salim Khan is played by Payman Maadi, while Nasir’s father Safar Khan is played by Poorna Jagannathan, and Nasir’s mother Alison Crowe is played by Glenne Headly.

At Rikers Island, Amara Karan plays Chandra Kapoor while Alison’s employee Ashley Thomas plays Calvin Hart.

Don Taylor, Andrea’s stepfather, is played by Paul Sparks.
In the role of Andrea Cornish, the victim, Sofia Black-D’Elia
Wiggins, a 21st precinct police officer, is played by Afton Williamson.

The 21st precinct sergeant, Ben Shenkman, plays Klein.
Pathologist Katz is played by Chip Zien in the film.

Ned Eisenberg is a judge and Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones is a prisoner in Rikers Island. Paulo Costanzo is Ray Halle, Andrea and her mother’s financial advisor.
As the judge, Glenn Fleshler
As a cab driver and Salim’s coworker, Mohammad Bakri portrays Tariq.

Taxi driver Yusuf, played by Nabil Elouahabi, is Salim’s coworker.

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Our Unexpected Ending in The Night Of..

the night of ending

In his final remarks, John Stone invites us back to episode one of The Night Of. The first time he saw Naz in a cell, afraid and innocent, was this moment. We’ve been waiting for an answer for eight weeks now. Eight weeks of this series promised us two things: Who killed Andrea and what the jury’s conclusion would be at the end of the series.

Neither of those things happened tonight.

Yes, Naz walked free from Rikers, but not in the way we expected.

There was a 6-6 tie on the jury.

Helen Weiss, like Box, decided not to press charges against Naz when the prosecution was given the option of retrying him with a new jury.

Ultimately, this is the ideal climax to The Night Of, as we’re forced to rethink our own concept of justice once again. Despite Naz’s acquittal on murder charges, does justice been served?

Was the legal system able to help or hinder this innocent youngster, who now bears the physical and emotional wounds of his time in prison?

Because of a technicality and a prosecuting attorney who discovered in court that she, and the police, had arrived at the wrong individual wearing a target, Naz was granted bail and is now free to go about his life.

Hitchcock had Cary Grant’s Roger O. Thornhill go about in his father’s cab in the East Village with Roger O. Thornhill in The Oak Bar. The program has left the audience divided throughout this entire, excellent series.

The Night Of’s astounding realism was the show’s greatest achievement, which I’ll discuss in greater detail after a night’s sleep on the finale. During the course of eight episodes, we were forced to watch the criminal justice system in all its terrible, tedious, and imperfect glory.

In a true world, this ending would have been just as harsh, ambiguous, and depressing. The following tweet from a New York City criminal defense attorney should suffice as more proof.

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