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Top 5 Movies on Hulu Right Now: Watch The Trailer of Blockbusters So Far (2022)!

Top 5 Movies on Hulu Right Now: Since its partnership with Criterion ended all those years ago, before Filmstruck and the Criterion Channel, and before the enormous, choked-out panorama of streaming material became yet another indication of the end times, Hulu has been quietly increasing and modernizing its film archive.

Hulu’s top movies now include a surprising mix of classics, indie treasures, and current blockbusters.

Although Hulu is known for its wide range of TV shows, don’t be deceived into believing that its movie choices can’t compete with Netflix or Amazon Prime—especially because Hulu and Amazon appear to gobble up anything Netflix has lately discarded.

1. Deep Water (2022)

This classic femme fatale tale is getting a modern makeover, loosely based on Patricia Highsmith’s 1957 novel of the same name. Welcome to the world of Hollywood’s first cuck thriller.

Vic Van Allen (Ben Affleck) is a man with a square jaw who works hard to support his family. But his wife, Melinda (Ana de Armas), isn’t satisfied. Vic grows jealous after agreeing to look the other way about her blatant affairs in order to prevent divorce.

Melinda’s lovers begin to die soon after, and the police’s top suspect is none other than the meek husband himself.

Deep Water is far more than a cheap whodunit; it examines the ever-changing power dynamics of relationships, their relationship to gender conventions, and what all of this implies for good ol’ love.

2. Looper (2012)

Looper concentrates on the finer things in life, such as brilliant storyline, phenomenal acting, and distinctive action, rather than the ins and outs of the time-travel theorem.

In a dystopian world where time travel has yet to be established, a small group of criminals are aware of its impending creation and work to serve those who control it in the future.

The Looper is a modern-day assassin who kills those who have been thrown back in time. When modern-day Looper Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is entrusted with killing his future self, future Joe (Bruce Willis), and fails, things get complex.

Now it’s up to present Joe to prevent future Joe from causing havoc in the past and altering the timeline.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt channels an uncanny younger Bruce Willis, imbuing modern Joe with all the kickass energy of Die Hard’s John McClane while transforming every second of this clock-turning tale into a believable and thrilling sci-fi masterpiece, using the lightest touch of makeup and a hidden talent for impersonation.

3. Nightmare Alley (2021)

Guillermo del Toro, the modern master of horror, is back with his most horrific film in years. Nightmare Alley is based on William Lindsay Gresham’s novel of the same name.

It follows Stan Carlisle (Bradley Cooper), an ordinary Joe with an odd set of skills and even stranger issues. Stan is looking for a fresh start in 1939, but he doesn’t want to turn over a new leaf. Getting involved with a traveling circus with the aim of learning the newest con of the day: psychiatry/cold reading.

Despite the carnie folk’s warnings not to utilize this skill for evil, Stan does so nonetheless, starting out with a large score in mind. Playing with people’s minds for business is a risky game, but when Stan tinkers with a man far more dangerous than any he’s ever met, he understands just how horrible evil can be.

Del Toro elevates his distinctive eye for detail and love of the obscure to a career-high, making a psychological thriller that earns the name of nightmare in all the right ways, as he creates a universe like no one else can.

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4. Fresh (2022)

The dating game has required a good evisceration via dark comedy, which is much older now than it was pre-covid. That’s exactly what Fresh does.

Exactly that, as Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones), a young single woman looking for love, is tortured by an endless stream of online losers. Take your pick: whiny, odd, perverted, or douchey, she’s swiped/clicked them all.

That is unless she does something unprecedented and meets someone in person before pre-stalking on social media. Steve (Sebastian Stan) appears to be the perfect match, and Noa is soon back at his apartment.

Of course, Steve says something to ruin the night, as he does with most excellent dates gone wrong. He admits to being a cannibal and to having drugged her in particular.

Noa must find a way to escape and put an end to this ultimate creep once and for all. She is sick of guys, dating, and being eaten.

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5. No Exit (2021)

This drama, based on the bestselling novel of the same name, begins with Darby Thorne (Havana Rose Liu) fleeing her halfway home under the threat of prison to visit her hospitalized mother.

When she is caught in a blizzard, she’s forced to take refuge at a rest stop with an eccentric and immensely funny group of strangers.

The kidnapped girl confined inside a van was one stranger she hadn’t expected. Darby can’t call the cops for fear of alerting them to her own unlawful activity, so she has to figure out who owns the van and save the girl before the storm passes.

Contained thrillers have done well and have always been at the pinnacle of the genre, and No Exit is genuinely at the pinnacle of that. Fans of books and great movies alike will find a lot of fun and suspense in this new Hulu exclusive, which pulls off the often-disappointing transition from page to screen.

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