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The 7 Best Sci-Fi Movies on HBO Max: Let Discover A Dizzying Array of Options in 2022!

The 7 Best Sci-Fi Movies on HBO Max: One of the main “issues” in the age of streaming platforms that have dominated the entertainment business is the number of movies and TV shows to pick from.

People can get trapped scrolling through the endless libraries of films offered by the platform they’re presently using for hours on end, unable to decide which one is the most valuable of their time.

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HBO Max, being one of the top platforms, certainly meets the bill. Fans of science fiction should be ecstatic to discover a dizzying array of options, ranging from big-budget blockbusters to overlooked gems that escaped their notice at the time of release.

Narrowing down the sci-fi offerings of this streaming behemoth is a difficult chore, but it makes deciding what to watch on any given evening much easier.

HBO Max is chock-full of fantastic sci-fi films, ranging from classics like The Matrix and Blade Runner to current releases like Pacific Rim and Timecrimes, a fantastic little Spanish gem.

Scroll down to see the wide range of HBO Max options.

1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

There have been entire shelves of books written about 2001: A Space Odyssey and its influence on filmmaking in general. Using cutting-edge (at the time) technology such as rotating sets, zero-gravity effects created by suspending actors on wires, and more.

It may be showing its age now, but the fact that it was designed in the 1960s is incredible.

The fact that 2001: A Space Odyssey manages to tell an engrossing, interplanetary tale that touches on themes of existentialism, human evolution, and artificial intelligence, in addition to the meticulously designed and executed special effects, makes it not only the best science fiction movie available on HBO Max, but also one of the best films in cinematography history.

2. Independence Day

To be fair, Roland Emmerich’s films aren’t known for their sophisticated narratives or well-written dialogue. On the other hand, they never attempted to be anything more than very entertaining popcorn flicks, with Independence Day being the clearest example.

It follows Will Smith, an elite pilot, and Bill Pullman, who plays the President of the United States, as they fight to preserve the planet Earth from a continuing extraterrestrial invasion.

The magnificent visual effects depicting the large-scale destruction of the globe and huge UFOs are unquestionably the best aspect of Independence Day.

3. The Matrix

When The Matrix was first released in 1999, it surprised both viewers and critics. The extraordinary effects in the film were far ahead of their time, and the dystopian scenario it followed was all too familiar.

In the year 2022, The Matrix is more relevant than ever before.

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Revisiting The Matrix today is not for the faint of heart, with our society increasingly moving into the digital world and prominent tech corporations playing with the idea of virtual universes.

4. A Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick is regarded as a forerunner of modern science fiction filmmaking. Even decades after his first execution, his original concepts are being used in modern cinematography.

A Clockwork Orange may not have been groundbreaking in terms of visual effects, but it did push the boundaries of what the science fiction genre could handle in terms of storylines.

A Clockwork Orange was once prohibited in various countries, including the United Kingdom, where the action took place. It is a violent crime story with dark comments on harsh psychiatry procedures.

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Despite its early setbacks, it developed a cult following and was recently selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry.

5. Jurassic Park (1993)

Although 2015’s Jurassic World (featuring Chris Pratt) gave the genre a reboot, the original Jurassic Park remains the best entry in the series to this day. Despite being nearly 20 years old, Steven Spielberg’s action-packed picture is still a lot of fun to see.

Jurassic Park won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 1994, and the images in this film are still stunning in 2022. Most of the pricey CGI-filled movies pale in comparison to the custom-built, life-size dinosaur models and animatronics labor that went into making this film.

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6. Inception

Another mind-bending film, Inception is one of those tales that will have audiences on the edge of their seats for the duration of the film, all while attempting to figure out what is going on on-screen.

Due to its captivating premise, fans of the genre consider it a modern classic. The star-studded cast, which includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Elliot Page, and Tom Hardy, also contributes.

Cobb, a skilled thief, who infiltrates his targets’ dreams in order to steal information, is the protagonist of the story. He begins assembling a crew to pull out the prank after being promised that his criminal records would be erased in exchange for implanting an idea into a target’s subconscious.

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On paper, it appears to be straightforward, yet it turns out to be anything but. Things get a little tangled as the movie follows Cobb through various “dream levels” in order to attain his goal.

7. Contact

Contact, a part alien-focused sci-fi story and part philosophical essay on the clash between faith and science, is an unappreciated treasure that, despite starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConnaughey, never received the respect it deserved.

The sensitivity of Contact’s approach to the issue of aliens and humanity’s response to their discovery will appeal to viewers tired of filmmakers’ over-reliance on CGI when depicting science fiction storylines.

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