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6 Best 90s Movies on Netflix 2022: What Make You Fell Alive Again (Born in 1990s Era)?

Best 90s Movies on Netflix 2022: In terms of cinema, the 1990s were a one-of-a-kind decade. Never before has the world seen so many flannel-wrapped tiny skirts, hair drapes, and thumb rings.

It popularised the trend of having a well-known musician perform a rap song about the events of the film during the end credits, which, in my opinion, should never have gone out of style.

And visual effects saw a tremendous transformation from analog to digital, with mixed outcomes. (There were five Spawn flicks for every Jurassic Park film.)

Netflix has you covered if you grew up in the 1990s and want to experience what it was like to wear a vest over a t-shirt, or if you are too young to remember them and want to know what it was like to wear a vest over a t-shirt.

The streaming site boasts an excellent collection of important films from the 1990s that should be essential viewing for every 90s scholar. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is the one I created, thus it is 100 percent accurate and without flaws.

1. Godzilla

Let’s get one thing straight: Godzilla from 1998 isn’t a fantastic Godzilla film. The titular creature is inspired by Jurassic Park rather than the original Japanese films, and the nuance of a nuclear explosion metaphor is lost in translation.

Even yet, if you forget you’re watching a Godzilla remake and just enjoy the film as a campy movie about a monster destroying New York City, you could find Roland Emmerich’s take on the iconic kaiju to be entertaining.

To give credit where credit is due, the writer and director’s “life finds a way” idea in 1998’s Godzilla does result in some thrilling moments, such as the army of baby Godzillas revealed at the end.

2. Braveheart

Freeedoooom! Mel Gibson’s version of the legend of Scottish warrior Sir William Wallace won’t win any awards for historical accuracy, but it strikes all the right notes for a classic 1990s popcorn movie.

There’s a fearless protagonist whose moral compass is always pointing in the right direction, a cast of amusing sidekicks, a corrupt and oppressive government to overthrow, and a rebel army fighting for a just cause.

Knowing what a terrible fate awaits Gibson’s Wallace, it’s impossible not to root for him to the very end.

As long as we don’t think too hard about the tale and instead focus on the stunning action sequences and iconic motivational speeches, Braveheart is the perfect film to celebrate our common love for freedom.

3. As Good As It Gets

Whether it’s the mother-daughter bond in Terms of Endearment or the realm of broadcast journalism in Broadcast News, there’s generally something that binds the ensemble characters in James L. Brooks’ films.

Brooks combines three characters who couldn’t be more dissimilar in 1997’s As Good As It Gets: an obsessive-compulsive writer (Jack Nicholson), a single mother (Helen Hunt) trying to keep her sick son well, and a gay artist (Greg Kinnear) who suffered a horrible beating.

But Brooks brings these three together because they all have a need for someone else in their lives, whether it’s a compassionate ear or a long road trip.

As Good As It Gets accomplishes this with a film that can be both comforting and sweet at moments, as well as acerbic and frightening at others—as one might expect from Brooks.

4. Donnie Brasco

Based on the true story of FBI Agent Joe Pistone, who went undercover as Donnie Brasco in the 1970s to infiltrate the New York mob, Johnny Depp plays the agent who infiltrates the Bonnano Crime Family and befriends Sonny (Al Pacino), the family’s hitman.

The farther Brasco goes into his career, the more difficult it becomes to distinguish between his job and reality. Due to his covert activities, the actual Pistone/Brasco was responsible for hundreds of arrests and convictions, and he is currently in Witness Protection.

While not as well-known as The Godfather or Goodfellas, Donnie Brasco is regarded as a classic American gangster picture with high praise for Pacino and Depp’s performances.

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5. Jumanji

The film Jumanji is based on Chris Van Allsburg’s picture book of the same name. In 1969, while playing with his buddy Sarah, a young Alan Parrish becomes caught inside a mysterious board game.

Twenty-six years later, Judy and Peter Shepherd discover the game and begin playing it, releasing Alan, who has grown up and is now played by Robin Williams.

Judy and Peter then resolve to assist Alan in locating Sarah in order to complete the game and repair the damage it has caused.

It’s a lighthearted, pleasant film that has spawned a whole series of sequels. For many people, it’s also a nostalgic childhood pleasure.

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6. Leon the Professional

Leon the Professional tells the story of Leon (Jean Reno), a hitman who teams up with an unlikely ally in the form of 12-year-old Mathilda (Natalie Portman) to bring down a corrupt DEA agent (Gary Oldman).

As Leon tries to keep the little girl from following in his footsteps, the strange duo develops an unexpected and somewhat unsettling bond. It’s a story about desperation and discovering your family in the most improbable of places.

The film is notable for many aspects, but most notably for a young Natalie Portman’s strangely stunning cinematic debut.

Portman began her illustrious career as a young hitman in training before she was even old enough to drive, displaying maturity much above her years.

Léon: The Professional, known in the United Kingdom as Leon (and in the United States as The Professional), is a 1994 English-language French action-thriller film written and directed by Luc Besson.

It stars Jean Reno and Gary Oldman, and Natalie Portman makes her film debut. After her family is murdered by corrupt Drug Enforcement Administration agent Norman Stansfield, twelve-year-old Mathilda (Portman) is grudgingly taken in by Léon (Reno), a professional hitman (Oldman).

Mathilda and Léon create an odd bond as she becomes his protege and learns the hitman’s craft.

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