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Two Summers Ending Explained: Who Is the Blackmailer? Everything You Need to Know!

TWO SUMMERS is a new Belgian Netflix thriller series (org. title Twee Zomers). If you haven’t seen any of the Belgian programs on Netflix yet, you’re in for a real treat.

I understand that the language barrier can be a deterrent, but do yourself a favor and give it a try. You’ll be alright because the characters and plot are fairly worldwide in scope.

With six 45-minute episodes, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know the characters in this new Belgian series on Netflix. This is a Netflix series you should see since it has a terrific cast of characters and a compelling tale.

Continue reading our review of the Two Summers series below. From June 3, 2022, all six episodes will be available on Netflix.

Cast of Two Summers

An Miller plays Romée Tanesy, Tom Vermeir plays Peter Van Gael, Herwig Ilegems plays Didier Verpoorten, Inge Paulussen plays Sofie Geboers, Kevin Janssens plays Luke Van Gael, and Ruth Becquart plays Saskia Van Dessel in the Netflix thriller.

Marieke Anthoni, Lukas Bulteel, Bjarne Devolder, Louise Bergez, Tijmen Govaerts, and Tine Roggeman play Romee, Peter, Didier, Sofie, Luke, and Ruth in the 1992 version.

Paul Baeten Grona and Tom Lenaerts wrote the series.

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Explanation of The Ends of Two Summers

two summers ending explained

In the first few episodes, we believe Sofie is the blackmailer because she has the film on her phone, but as the series progresses, it becomes clear that all of the girls in the group are involved.

The film was captured on Luk’s camera, and after the boys regained their composure, they removed the tape and burned it in the barbecue grill. They didn’t realise, however, that Luk had already swapped the tapes, so they ended up destroying a blank tape.

Years later, Luk discovered the recording while looking through his belongings from 1992, which he recorded and downloaded to his laptop in order to blackmail his brother Peter. But he also told Lia, who told the other females, and it became a plot to exact vengeance on the offenders.

Luk wanted to blackmail Peter because he was married to Saskia and they had a child together. However, upon attempting to have a child with Lia, he discovered that he would never be a father owing to physical changes in his body while recuperating from cancer.

Saskia had been seeing Peter before Luk, therefore he is Peter’s son rather than Luk’s. Luk was enraged, and he intended to use the footage to harm his brother.

Luk and Peter reconcile after a series of events that reveal secrets and clear up misunderstandings, but Romée is enraged to discover about Peter and Saskia’s son and claims that she has already given the tape to the media and that everyone will betray her.

With their careers and reputations on the line, Stef is pushed to the breaking point, and in order to avoid shame, he shoots himself and dies, resulting in a police investigation. They confess all that transpired and express regret during the probe.

Sofie is even asked by police if she wants to seek assault charges based on the footage, but she refuses. The police then inform them that they will receive a letter in the mail informing them whether the case will be heard in court or settled here and now.


two summers ending explained

The story begins with Peter receiving an anonymous mail containing a video of him and the other guys (Didier, Stef, and Mark) sexually assaulting a female acquaintance while using Luk’s camera to capture it.

The last time the gang got together in the summer was in 1992, which was 30 years ago. In the present day, the same group of friends are gathering on a private island somewhere in France to celebrate Romée’s 50th birthday.

Once everyone has arrived on the island, Peter confides in Stef aka Mowgli, and the two of them figure that the blackmailer is attempting to extort money from the group.

They begin to mistrust everyone, including Sophie, the girl in the video, Luk’s new girlfriend Lia, and even each other. They say what happened was completely wrong, but it’s been three decades and nothing significant has happened since then, so why now?

Who might be in the gang who seeks vengeance or simply wants money in exchange for it? The men in the video must either find the blackmailer or send 100 Bitcoins to a specific account.

Otherwise, the footage will be released to the public, effectively ending their careers. Meanwhile, their friendships conceal more than meets the eye. Will they be able to move on from this summer like they did the previous one, or will it be the end of the group?

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