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How Does Luca End: The Director Breaks Down how The Emotional Finale Was Made

Luca is a computer-animated coming-of-age fantasy film released in 2021 in the United States by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Enrico Casarosa (in his feature directorial debut) and Andrea Warren produced the picture, which had a screenplay by Jesse Andrews and Mike Jones and a narrative by Casarosa, Andrews, and Simon Stephenson.

Jacob Tremblay and Jack Dylan Grazer lend their voices to the film, which also features Emma Berman, Saverio Raimondo, Marco Barricelli, Maya Rudolph, Jim Gaffigan, Peter Sohn, Lorenzo Crisci, Marina Massironi, and Sandy Martin.

The film is set on the Italian Riviera and follows Luca Paguro, a small sea monster youngster with the ability to transform into a human while on land, as he explores the town of Portorosso with his new best friend, Alberto Scorfano, and embarks on a life-changing summer journey.

Luca was inspired by Casarosa’s youth in Genoa, and several Pixar artists were sent to the Italian Riviera to conduct study on Italian culture and the environment. The sea monsters were loosely based on traditional Italian regional tales and folklore, and were used as a “metaphor for feeling different.” The design and animation, like La Luna, were influenced by hand-drawn and stop motion animation, as well as Hayao Miyazaki’s style.

The end product, according to Casarosa, is a picture that “pays homage to Federico Fellini and other iconic Italian filmmakers, with a dash of Miyazaki thrown in for good measure.”

The Meaning of Luca’s Ending

Alberto revealed his true identity to Giulia towards the end of Luca. This frightens Giulia, and Luca follows suit, leaving his pal Alberto sad. As a result, Alberto realizes how, like his father, Luca may abandon him when the time comes. Later, Luca tries to make amends with him, assuring him that he would always be there.

Giulia later learns of Luca’s true identity. She tells him to flee for his own safety, as the villagers are likely to come for him shortly.

Luca, on the other hand, enters the Vespa race. Despite the fact that her best friend Giulia had asked him not to. He passes the eating contest as well as swims through the sea in an outdated underwater swimwear.

After completing the first two tasks, the third proved to be the most difficult. A cycle race is disrupted by heavy rain, which may reveal Luca’s true identity. He seeks refuge and is going to perish. Alberto, on the other hand, saves the day by bringing in Umbrella. Ercole trips Alberto in the process, causing him to fall and expose his skin.

Ercole comes to a halt to catch Alberto, much to everyone’s surprise. Luca abandons his anxieties in order to save his comrade, with Ercole by their side and Giulia by their side. Giulia, however, falls off her bike as Alberto and Luca, dressed in marine skins, approach the finish line.

So they abandon the race in order to save her. Elrico, on the other hand, has a chance to catch them barehanded in front of everyone. But, seeing the sea animals’ compassion in saving Giulia, Massimo supports them, and even the entire town agrees.

This also leads to Luca’s family identifying themselves and being embraced. Luca and Alberto’s bike also arrived at the finish line as they were leaving it. They did, in fact, win the race.

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Plot Summary for Luca

how does luca end

The film Luca is a coming-of-age drama about an adolescent sea monster of the same name. He is forbidden to tamper with humans because he lives on the coast of the Italian city of Portorosso. That is, until he meets Alberto, another aquatic monster that, when dry, can transform into a person.

The only problem is that when he gets wet, he reverts to his natural skin. Luca learns the same thing, and frustrated with his mundane existence, he flees with Alberto to Portorosso. As a result, his parents are seeking for him all over the place, from the water to the surface.

Why Did the Vespa Enchant Luca?

The image of Vespa gave Luca’s ecstasy wings when he first saw it. He desired to fly in the air as a sea monster. Alberto and Luca both used a plank for their experimental Vespa designs for this reason. They desired to reach out and touch the sky.

Luca also fantasized about touching a bright star in the sky. Luca, like Icarus from Greek mythology, aspired to test the sky’s limitations. Luca’s interest in Vespa transferred to the telescope (or school). It was yet another allusion to his inquisitive yearning to investigate the domains of the sky above him.

Alberto advised that they buy a Vespa after Luca ran away from home. It would enable them to go to new areas and rekindle their sense of adventure. All authority would be removed from their lives. The example is a nod to Federico Fellini, an Italian director who incorporated a similar concept of escape in his film. Director Enrico Casarosa paid homage to his beloved throughout the film.

Why Did Luca Leave His House?

how does luca end

Luca was a fish with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. The ocean was not large enough to hold his attention. He desired to embark on an adventure and travel around the globe. He was a strange person as an artist, but he was also unique.

Luca’s parents were aware of this and planned to send him into the deep ocean with his Uncle Ugo in order to shield him from a death wish. He opted to run away as a youngster and a rebel to protect his ambition of one day owning a Vespa. The deep ocean would extinguish all of Luca’s desires, and he wasn’t ready to give up.

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