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Fever Dream Ending Explained: How Did Carole Save David?

Fever Dream (Spanish: Distancia de rescate, ‘Rescue Distance’) is a 2021 psychological thriller film directed by Claudia Llosa, based on Samanta Schweblin’s 2014 novel of the same name. Mara Valverde, Dolores Fonzi, German Palacios, Guillermo Pfening, and Emilio Vodanovich star in the film.

On September 20, 2021, the film made its global debut at the San Sebastián International Film Festival. On October 6, 2021, it was released in select theatres across the United States, and on Netflix on October 13, 2021.


  • Amanda is played by Mara Valverde.
  • Carola is played by Dolores Fonzi.
  • Omar is played by German Palacios.
  • Marco is played by Guillermo Pfening.
  • David is played by Emilio Vodanovich.
  • Nina is played by Guillermina Sorribes Liotta.
  • David is played by Marcelo Michinaux.
  • Cristina Banegas is a Spanish actress.

Explained Fever Dream Ending

fever dream ending explained

In a bizarre twist, David enlightens Amanda by claiming that this twisted scenario has been repeated over and over, but Amanda hasn’t grasped the significance of it all.

Later on, it’s revealed that Amanda and Nina visit Carola’s farm and drink pesticide-tainted water; remember, David was poisoned, implying a link.

The mother-daughter team tries to run for help, but they are suddenly haunted by visions of children.

According to The Cinemaholic, the title of the picture is most likely a reference to Amanda’s dialogues with David, which take place primarily in her mind. Her health was failing due to chemicals, therefore she had a fever dream.

Pesticides used by farmers have poured into the town’s water supply, putting the residents at risk. Finally, the film might be read as a cautionary and necessary narrative about environmental threats and the potential consequences of failing to fulfil one’s responsibility.

Amanda seems to be missing something, and David believes it’s because she’s too focused on the past when she should be thinking about the future.

Unfortunately, Amanda dies, but Nina has been brought to the Green House, like David, to suffer the same destiny as her son.

Carola’s husband learns her death after she has passed away. When he leaves, though, we notice David in his car, holding one of Nina’s toys, who we now know has been acting strangely since the soul-splitting.

Nina and David are now one, or rather, an extension of one another, according to the audience. Half of David’s soul is trapped within her, and vice versa.

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Summary of The Plot of ‘Fever Dream’

Amanda Casali (Maria Valverde), a young mother, discovers herself sleeping in the woods with worms crawling all over her body (probably due to fasciculation). Someone drags Amanda, and a child’s voice, David, begs her to stay awake so she can grasp what’s going on.

Amanda is guided by the voice, and she recalls the events of the previous few weeks.

Amanda and her young daughter, Nina, journey to a remote village in Argentina in a flashback. Amanda is driven to the rented property where she hopes to spend the summer by a broker named Geser.

Amanda’s late father, an Argentinian, used to take her to Lake San Lucas when she was a child. She wants to take her husband, Marco, and Nina to view the lake and spend some quality time together as a family.

Carola, Amanda’s next-door neighbour, arrives with two buckets of water as Amanda settles in. Because water plays such an important role in the film, David’s voice reveals precise insights with Amanda. Carola’s son, David, is shortly revealed to her.

Since he became ill, he has been acting strangely. Carola asks Amanda not to let Nina play with David for some reason. Carola explains the strange episode that occurred with David, which adds to the enigma.

Carole’s Approach to David’s Rescue

fever dream ending explained

Carole told Amanda that she has witnessed a lot of tragedy in the town. She alluded to the deformed children once more. Carole didn’t wait for a country doctor to arrive since she was an anxious mother.

Carole brought David to a village doctor when he became ill. She was known for her extraordinary healing abilities and lived in an isolated property named Green House.

After examining David’s body, the Village Doctor discovered that he had been poisoned. His body was too weak to resist the sickness, and he could only be saved through soul migration. The Village Doctor stated that if they could relocate David’s spirit to a healthy body, some of the poison would follow him.

Half of David’s spirit would leave his body as a result of the process, and the migration would bring an unknown spirit to the ailing body. To put it another way, David would no longer be David, but Carole would still have her son’s body near her.

Carole made the difficult decision to agree to a supernatural migration in order to save David. The ceremonies were started by the Village Doctor, and David’s spirit was split between two bodies.

It removed the poison, and David’s immunity was able to fight off the residual poison. Although David’s body survived the disaster, Carole soon discovered that he was no longer her son. He resembled David, but he was nothing like David to his mother.

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