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Halloween Kills Ending Explained: What’s Michael Myers’ Motive?

On October 31, 2019, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride will release their 2021 American slasher film Halloween Kills. A follow-up to 2018’s Halloween and the 12th film in the Halloween series, this film is a continuation of the series. In this film, Laurie Strode and Michael Myers are reprised by Jamie Lee Curtis and James Jude Courtney.

In addition to Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, and Will Patton, Anthony Michael Hall and Thomas Mann join the cast of the sequel. Haddonfield residents aid Strode and her family fend off Myers in the new film, which begins exactly where the previous one left off.


  • Laurie Strode is played by Jamie Lee Curtis.
  • Judy Greer portrays Karen.
  • Andi Matichak as Allyson in
  • The Shape, played by James Jude Courtney,
  • The Shape, portrayed by Nick Castle
  • The Shape of Airon Armstrong (1978)
  • In the role of Officer Hawkins, Will Patton
  • a young Thomas Mann in the role of Hawkins
  • Jim Cummings as Pete McCabe.

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Where Do the Halloween Killings Go from Here?

halloween kills ending explained

After a murdering spree, Michael always returns to his childhood home, which Tommy believes is where he will go next. In fact, Michael did return to his childhood home and murder the nice gay couple who were now residing there.

At Michael’s residence, Allyson, Cameron, and Lonnie, Cameron’s father, confront him. Lonnie and Cameron are assassinated by Michael. Karen appears at the last minute to save Allyson from the same fate as her mother. Karen uses a pitchfork to stab Michael. His mask gets removed after she stomps on it. But he has a receding hairline; his face is hidden from view.

Karen entices Michael out of the house and away from her daughter by using his mask as a taunt. To catch the assassin, she leads him down a street where Tommy and his fellow mobsters are waiting.

The mob attacks Michael with bats and other bludgeoning weapons, but there are surprisingly few guns. Who knows when they’ll figure it out? Michael, on the other hand, is at least four times shot. After a knife stab, Karen returns to Allyson’s side. Once they realise that Michael is dead, the throng backs away from him.

True, but incorrect. There will be no end to this series! Attacks from the mob are launched by Michael since he is not yet dead. In spite of the fact that they haven’t even fired a shot, the crowd is out of ammunition. Tommy is just one of many people to perish.

At the same time as Karen has returned to Michael’s residence, Judith’s old room, which she claims to have seen something out of the corner of her eye, is located on the second floor. She makes her way to her room and peers out the window on her own… and then Michael stabs her in the chest.

Michael Myers Is Motivated by What?

To put it another way, he still doesn’t have one. He’s “a fantastic and resilient human being, with no motive and with no feeling,” director David Gordon Green told Den of Geek.

Michael’s game plan, on the other hand, is critical to the movie’s narrative. There is a strong sense throughout the picture that Michael has set out to get Laurie, just as he did in the original Halloween II in 1981 and numerous subsequent installments.

However, at the film’s conclusion, it appears that this is not the case. Unlike Halloween II, Michael does not go to the hospital. The house where Michael killed his sister and where he used to gaze out the window at the town is where he wants to return.

He succeeds in this endeavor by the end of the film. The final images show him and Laurie staring at each other from their old vantage points. To play off of the original 1978 movie’s slogan, “the night he came home,” it’s a clever twist.

Is Karen no longer with us?

Halloween Kills marks new high in 'horror renaissance' | Horror films | The Guardian

Probably. However, this cannot be said with certainty. Finally, Michael kills Karen in the house he used to live in by stabbing her with a kitchen knife in the final scene. Even if the last moments of the film seem to indicate that Karen has passed away, horror movies have a way of bringing the dead back to life.

If she’s dead, Laurie might be even more motivated to find her. A scene featuring Laurie’s monologue intercut with a final scene featuring Michael (Will Patton) brings the film to a close, even though she remains in the hospital at the end of Halloween Kills.

‘He’s coming for me, but I’m going after him,’ she says. In the last chapter, we can expect a showdown between the two.

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