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I See You Ending Explained: Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know!

Devon Graye wrote the screenplay for I See You, an American horror film that was directed by Adam Randall in 2019. Joanne Tenney and Judah Lewis are among the cast members.

On December 6, 2019, I See You was released to generally positive reviews following its world debut at the 2019 SXSW Film Festival.


Helen Hunt as Jackie Harper in the film adaptation of Jackie Harper

Greg Harper in Jon Tenney’s place

Alec is played by Owen Teague.

Judah Lewis as Connor Harper

Mindy is played by Libe Barer.

Spitzky is played by Gregory Alan Williams.

Lieutenant Moriah Davis, played by Erika Alexander,

Allison King as Officer Grace Caleb

In the Window Repair Business, Adam Kern

Jeremy Gladen as Tommy Braun

Mrs. Braun is played by Teri Clark.

Playing Mrs. Whitter, Nicole Forester

Todd is played by Sam Trammell in an uncredited role.

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What Was the Identity of The Killer in The I See You Ending Movie?

I See You (2019) - IMDb

Greg was the real assassin all along. He finally ejected his wife’s boyfriend from his life. The problem is that things are only going to get a lot worse. As a result, Greg and Jackie must leave the house to hide Todd’s body.

When Alec pushes Mindy down the steps, she falls unconscious. In light of the escalating tension, Alec makes the decision to conceal Mindy’s unconscious body in Greg’s trunk. It wasn’t until Greg arrived that he saw Connor tied in the bathtub and drove away, entirely oblivious of Mindy’s presence.

It’s only when Mindy searches through a bag in the back of the car when she first wakes up in the trunk that she finds something truly horrific. She finds the outfit that Justin Whitter, the film’s missing child, was supposedly wearing when he vanished. Greg’s past as a child predator is further solidified when Mindy uncovers his collection of green pocket knives.


Justin Whitter, a ten-year-old boy, was kidnapped while riding his bicycle through a park one month after another boy, Michael King, disappeared. Detective Spitzky assists Greg Harper as the case’s principal detective.

Cole Gordon, who was convicted of kidnapping two boys, Braun and Travers, fifteen years earlier after they fled, was found with a green pocket knife at the scene of the crime. Meanwhile, Harper’s family is in disarray due to an extramarital affair involving his wife Jackie.

The chief summons Greg and Spitzky. She lets them know that Cole, who is currently behind bars, is trying to have the case dismissed because of the recent spate of kidnappings. There is a hysterical reaction from Braun when he spots them.

Silverware disappears, televisions come on by themselves, pictures are removed from their frames, and a repairman tells Jackie her daughter let him in, despite the fact that she only has a son, Connor. Strange things start happening in the Harper residence.

The Ending Of I See You Explained

Todd, Jackie’s ex-boyfriend, pays her a visit. Her coffee mug slips from the balcony and hits him on the head as they converse outside. She then locks him up in the basement while she goes to school with Connor, who has become bitter towards her since learning of her extramarital affair.

The mother of Justin had a brief conversation with her and is assured by her that Greg will track down her son. An unknown assailant attacks Todd in the basement, and Jackie returns home to discover him dead. He was buried by her and Greg because she feared Connor had killed him.

Clothed silverware was found wrapped in fabric inside the washing machine when Connor returned to the house. At this point his computer receives an unusual message while behind him, a somebody sporting an amphibian disguise emerges.

In the bathtub, Connor is tied up with a green pocket knife next to him, as Greg and Jackie return home. While Greg is searching the house, Jackie transports Connor to the hospital.

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