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Julie Chrisley Net Worth: Is Todd and Julie Breaking Silence After Fraud Convictions?

Julie Chrisley was born in Winchester, South Carolina, to a Baptist minister/mechanic father and a bank teller mother. Chrisley also had a younger brother, who allegedly committed suicide when he was 25 years old. Julie and her family lived in a trailer in South Carolina.

Todd and Julie Chrisley have spoken out about their family’s “extremely sad, devastating moment” following their conviction for conspiring to cheat banks of more than $30 million in loans.

The reality stars were reluctant to address their court case in a talk on the most recent episode of their podcast “Chrisley Confessions.” Todd Chrisley added, “I know all of you guys want to know every little thing that is going on in our lives.

Personal and Professional Lives

Julie’s life altered dramatically in the early 1990s when she began dating Todd Chrisley, a successful real estate broker. Todd was married with two children at the time. Julie gave birth to their first child, a son called Chase, shortly after she and Todd married.

Todd’s family describes him as a control freak, a germaphobe, and someone who is frequently irrational and easily angered. Before marrying Julie in 1996, he was married to his high school lover Teresa Terry.

He is married to Teresa and has two children with her. He also has three children with Julie. “I’m flattered that people think I can get laid on both ends,” Todd stated, embracing long-held, unfounded allegations that he is gay.

So it doesn’t bother me, and my wife is ecstatic that there are as many men as there are ladies who want her husband. Todd Chrisley is said to have made millions in the real estate market throughout the course of his career.

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However, he accumulated significant debts in recent years and was compelled to file for bankruptcy. At one point, he was said to owe the banks $49 million. Julie is a breast cancer survivor, and her experience has transformed her outlook on life. Julie Chrisley net worth

She strives to embrace life without “worrying about the little things,” and she tries to impart similar value to her husband and family. Julie adores cooking and has a show on the USA Network called “What’s Cooking with Julie Chrisley.”

Chrisley Knows Best premiered in 2014 on the USA Network. The sitcom is set in Roswell and Alpharetta, Georgia, near Atlanta, and follows the lives of Julie and Todd and their wealthy family.

During the fourth season, the show relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. It was renewed for a sixth season in 2017. In April 2019, “Growing Up Chrisley,” a spin-off centering on their children Chase and Savannah Chrisley, premiered.

The eighth season of “Chrisley Knows Best” premiered in July 2020. The show received a Critics Choice Television Award nomination for Best Unstructured Reality Show in 2016. Julie Chrisley has also been in episodes of The View, Today, Steve Harvey.


Julie and Todd have five children in their blended household. Todd’s oldest daughter with ex-wife Teresa is Lindsie Chrisley Campbell. In 2009, Lindsie met Will Campbell. Lindsie and Campbell eloped in 2012 without her father’s permission, forcing them to have a strained relationship.

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They reconciled in 2016 after a rocky few years. In season 5, Lindsie made her final appearance on the show. “Lindsie has been a regular target of lies, abuse, and threats from her family,” according to her lawyer.

Todd and Julie’s oldest son, Chase Chrisley, is frequently represented in get-rich-quick schemes. Savannah Chrisley, Todd and Julie’s oldest daughter, is a former Miss Tennessee Teen USA contestant who won the title in 2016.

Todd’s mother “Nanny” Faye Chrisley is one of the other characters in “Chrisley Knows Best.” Todd’s constant meddling with her plans in an effort to protect her and keep her out of danger irritates her. Julie Chrisley net worth

August 2019 Arrest

Todd and Julie Chrisley were arrested in Atlanta on a multi-count indictment on August 14, 2019. Tax evasion, wire fraud, bank fraud, and conspiracy were among the initial charges.

According to the indictment, Todd and Julie allegedly utilized Chrisley Asset Management to get bank loans to purchase and sell repossessed homes between 2007 and 2012. The pair allegedly used fraudulent information to obtain these bank loans, according to prosecutors.

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“They conspired to submit fake papers to financial institutions, such as fabricated bank statements and phony personal financial statements, in order to receive millions of dollars in loans, much of which they utilized for personal gain.”

“When the bank employee asked for account statements, Co-conspirator A supplied Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley a forged bank statement claiming that Todd and Julie Chrisley had $776,509.52 on deposit at Merrill Lynch.”

The couple did not, in fact, have a Merrill Lynch bank account at the time. A year later, when they finally have one, it never contained more than $17,000.

In a social media post, Todd and Julie claimed that the criminal activities were carried out by a former “trusted employee” who stole from the family and committed the offenses without their knowledge.

A new indictment was filed in February 2022. In addition to the counts of falsifying paperwork when seeking loans, the indictment also accuses the pair of concealing $2 million in unpaid taxes owing to the IRS through a film production firm.


Ten networks received the pitch for the show, and nine of them made offers. The series was picked up by USA Network in December 2013. Adam Greener, Jim Sayer, and Stephanie Chambers served as the show’s executive producers.

The series’ producing firms are Maverick TV and All3Media America. The Chrisleys’ schedule is available to the series producers, who choose which activities to capture on camera. Julie Chrisley net worth

The family claimed that they were forced to consider their actions both on and off camera as a result of appearing on television. People are observing you and gazing at you, Julie added. They’re going to catch it all, whether it’s good or evil.

Real Estate

The Chrisleys paid $1.6 million for a property in Nashville in 2016. The couple purchased a $3.4 million home outside of Nashville in June 2019.

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They were compelled to put the house up for sale just two months later due to their continuous alleged financial misdeeds. The asking price was $4.7 million at the time.

Julie Chrisley Net Worth

Julie Chrisley is a reality television star in the United States with a net worth of $1.5 million. Julie Chrisley and her family are well-known thanks to the USA Network’s reality show “Chrisley Knows Best.” Julie and Todd Chrisley, together with their five children.

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