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YK Osiris Net Worth: Music Passion, Billboard Chart, Annual Income (Updated 2022)!

Osiris Jahkail Williams, also known as YK Osiris, is an American singer from Jacksonville, Florida. He first became well-known after the release of his tracks “I’m Next (Freestyle)” and “Valentine,” which rapper Lil Uzi Vert remixed.

He joined Def Jam Recordings in 2019, and his song “Worth It” reached its top position of number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100. Later that year, his debut album, The Golden Child, which featured the song as its lead single, was published.

What About YK Osiris’s Early Life?

Florida’s Jacksonville is where Williams was born. At a young age, he began to compose his own music. Before utilizing the stage name “YK Osiris” (YK stands for Young King) for later releases, Williams initially released music under his real name, publishing his song “Fake Love” in 2017.

From an early age, Osiris was enamored with music. He enjoyed listening to everything from traditional R&B to rap. Although he had the ability to write songs as a young boy, he did not begin to demonstrate his talent until he was 17 years old.

How Is YK Osiris’s Personal Life?

YK Osiris Net Worth

It has been reported that YK and musician Ann Marie are dating. Following the singer’s appearance in Ann Marie’s song “Secret,” romance rumors began to circulate widely.

Although they haven’t been officially declared as a couple, it’s possible that the two are passionately in love. His name was formerly connected to the rapper DreamDoll before Ann Marie.

How Did YK Osiris Work Upon Music Career?

In the beginning, Osiris uploaded his tracks to the internet. Under the rap alias Osiris, he released his debut track, Fake Love. The song received views, but not quite enough for a rap label to take notice.

He would release I’m Next Freestyle in January 2018 and change his name to YK(Young King) Osiris. This song would become popular online, garnering millions of YouTube views, and alerting the music business.

Osiris would continue the momentum by releasing his breakout song Valentine, which within a few weeks of its release garnered over nine million streams. Lil Uzi Vert, a rapper from Philadelphia, would remix Valentine, which catapulted Osiris into a new level of prominence.

Osiris received offers from several record labels after fast emerging as one of the most in-demand independent musicians. The release of his debut album, The Golden Child, would eventually begin after he signed with Def Jam Recording.

Worth It, the album’s debut track, peaked at number 48 on the Billboard Hot 100. Due to his success, Osiris has been able to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the business.

For the songs Freaky Dancer, Gospel, and Ride, he collaborated with Dababy and Kehlani. The chance to collaborate with the more well-known musician will only grow as Osiris’ renown grows, and he will profit from it.

How Did YK Osiris Get Success?

YK Osiris Net Worth

In 2017, the artist released the song “Fake Love.” Over 2 million people have listened to it on SoundCloud, making it a big success. His subsequent song, “I’m Next (Freestyle),” was released in the months that followed.

Additionally, it received hundreds of thousands to millions of streams and generated a lot of discussion on social media.

He released “Valentine,” another number-one single, in April 2018. Fans praised it for being similar to his earlier tracks. Millions of people listened to the song on streaming services including Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

His track was all over the internet. Even the renowned hip-hop artist Lil Uzi Vert was unable to stop him from producing a remix of the song. Everywhere, Osiris was gaining popularity. Osiris signed with Def Jam Recordings in 2019 as a result of his burgeoning fame.

YK Osiris’s Net Worth

YK Osiris Net Worth

One of the most gifted American rappers, singers, and songwriters is Osiris Jahkail Williams, also known professionally as YK Osiris. After the songs “I’m Next (Freestyle),” “Valentine,” and “Worth It” was released, he gained notoriety. Def Jam Recordings is now Osiris’ record label. As of the 2022 update, his current estimated net worth is $2 million.

How Does YK Osiris Earning His Income?

YK is an American rapper, singer, and composer. Because of his incredible songs like “Worth It” and “Valentine,” he has attained fame at such a young age. His annual salary is about $100,000 as of 2022.

In the American singing scene, he is an emerging star. Through his singing career, corporate endorsements, and live performances, he has made money.

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What is the wealth of YK Osiris?

The approximate net worth of YK Osiris is $2 million.

What is YK’s yearly salary?

His annual salary is about $100,000 as of 2022.

What age is YK?

He was born on September 7, 1998, and is 23 years old.

YK Osiris: Who is He?

YK is an American rapper, singer, and composer. Because of his incredible songs like “Worth It” and “Valentine,” he has attained fame at such a young age.

What are some of YK’s well-known songs?

Many incredible songs have been released by YK, including “I’m Next” in January 2018, “Valentine” in April, “worth it” in 2019, and others. His song “Worth It” received a fantastic reception all over the world and peaked at number 48 on the Hot Billboard chart.


Osiris Jahkail Williams, also known as “YK Osiris,” was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on September 7, 1998. After the songs “I’m Next (Freestyle),” “Valentine,” and “Worth It” was released, he gained popularity.

Def Jam Recordings is now Osiris’ record label. His track “Worth It,” which he is signed to Def Jam Recordings, reached its peak position on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 48.

The R&B singer is extremely valuable because of her great voice. He gained notoriety for the number-one track Worth It. YK Osiris’s net worth was $2 million as of June 2022. This article will show how he came to be successful.

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