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NReal Releases Massive Video-Projecting AR Streaming Glasses in the United States

The augmented reality (AR) glasses known as NReal Air have been on the market in Europe since May, but they are only now making their debut in the good ol’ United States of America.

These consumer-grade augmented reality glasses have the potential to show an enormously large virtual screen in front of the user’s face. These capabilities are mainly designed for streaming movies or playing games. How big exactly is it? Up to a whopping 200 inches of glorious OLED display.

The NReal Air types of mixed-reality glasses, in contrast to the standalone NReal Light glasses, need a device such as a smartphone or a computer in order to establish a connection.

Because of the HDMI connection that comes with these glasses, certain devices, such as iPhones, may need an adaptor of some type in order to maintain a steady connection. NReal has got you covered in this regard as they provide an HDMI-to-Lightning converter that is exclusive to Apple gadgets.

However, after you have successfully established a connection, you will discover a powerful OLED display that has a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, a brightness rating of 400 nits, and a field of vision that spans 46 degrees. In addition to this, the corporation has been making a big deal about how the virtual screen is the ideal gaming partner for sessions played on Xbox Cloud.

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According to NReal, these glasses are suitable for use with all of the most popular gaming consoles, including as PCs and Steam Decks.

As a result of this, Mac laptops that are equipped with the M2 module may now interact with the Nebula software platform developed by the firm. This enables customers to utilize the glasses as a floating virtual display, giving the workday a bit of a high-tech and futuristic sheen.

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Amazon is already accepting preorders for the Air AR glasses, and the official launch date in the United States is set for October 4th. They have a price tag of $380, but can you really put a premium on lying in bed and watching a big floating replica of Ted Lasso?

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