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Skullcandy Jib True 2 Transparency Series

We talked about how much better it was back when technology had a more sleek and less utilitarian aesthetic.

It had vivid hues, a one-of-a-kind design, and crystal-clear communication at its finest.

Someone at some point determined that we were no longer worthy of special treatment, so we’ve been stuck with plain cell phones and podcast headphones ever since. Some of us are so starved for individuality that we’ll pay ,000 for an iPad case made from a repurposed vintage MacBook.

How much of a body part would I give up for a big transparent iPhone? Yes (someone forward this to Tim Cook) (someone forward this to Tim Cook). Can I get a case for a thousand dollars? No.

Eyes glazing over, I deleted an email from Skullcandy that advertised “nostalgic clear color” headphones designed to bring attention to environmental impact. Is this the return of aesthetically pleasing technology?

In a word, kind of. Those cute little green buds from the Jib True 2 Transparency Series. I feel the need to gnaw on them. Even when I’m on the fence about sticking them in my mouth, I have no problem shoving them in my ear canals. These earbuds are good, save for the fact that the microphone isn’t great and I’d like a little more transparency in how it all works.

In the Clear

The Jib True 2 Transparency looks great, but it is a little of a hit-or-miss in terms of quality compared to other clear plastic things I’ve purchased and enjoyed. There’s a sense that Skullcandy might have made these headphones more transparent by dialing down the opacity a few hundred notches, or even by adding colorful wires like the finest landline phone in the world.

The Hesh Evo over-ear headphones are also part of this limited-edition collection (the regular True 2 buds will continue to be sold for the foreseeable future), and they’re just as cute as the True 2 buds but even less transparent.

Though I feel they could be more see-through in appearance, I do respect the spirit of this limited range, which seeks to be more open about the firm’s environmental effects.

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When people desire high-tech devices like smartphones, computers, and even headphones, manufacturers are forced to use resources like rare Earth metals and plastic, which adds to the waste problem and stresses an already stressed environment.

Skullcandy claims it has recycled nearly 650,000 headphones in an effort to lessen its impact on the environment (saving around 544,000 pounds of landfill trash). Your purchase of a new set of Skullcandy headphones will be discounted by 30% if you send in your old ones for recycling.

The carbon emissions equivalent of the Jib True 2 is 5.70 kg, and all of the brand’s packaging is 100 percent recyclable. Skullcandy compensates for this by buying carbon offset credits.

Furthermore, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the Jib True 2 goes to Protect Our Winters, a non-profit organization that takes action to combat climate change.

Do you think this will help fix the world? In a word, no. However, it’s high time for major corporations to take responsibility and pledge action. No other significant manufacturer of headphones offers anything quite comparable.

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Sounding Off

Jib True 2 headphones have great sound quality and are also great for the environment. Once upon a time, I would only listen to music on my phone using the headphones that came with it. Then, last year, I treated myself to a pair of Beats Solo Pro headphones.

Review: Skullcandy Jib True 2 Transparency Series

These are the perfect earplugs for my needs. I can hear Dax Shephard and Monica Padman’s banter on Armchair Expert plainly as I go from my office to the kitchen, so while the six-millimeter drivers don’t do a great job, they’re not terrible either.

Most likely, if you are a serious audiophile, you already have some high-end headphones that fully reveal the music’s sonic details. These are hardly that, but for $50, they become affordable for a far wider audience.

You can’t expect amazing sound and a superb mic for this budget, and the mic here falls short. After a Zoom call, my coworkers complained that my voice sounded muffled, as if I were on the other end of a phone line.

No one liked making phone calls from the Jibs. Even though I was easily intelligible, my spouse insisted I had a robotic voice. Although I sound like I’m underwater when using the Beats Solo Pro with Zoom, they do a far better job of preventing noises from escaping during phone conversations.

These are water-resistant up to a depth of 4 inches (IPX4), meaning you may wear them while working out without fear of ruin. The Bluetooth connection worked well with my MacBook, iPhone 11, and Android tablet, and the battery life is double that of the original Jib True buds (24 hours for the case, 9 for the headphones themselves).

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You may use them with the Tile app without purchasing any additional hardware or software. Then, once they’re set up, you may utilize the chirping sound or the location on a map to track down your pals.

I’m not a fan of how earbuds often feel when placed there, but these were easy enough to get used to. You’ll have a better chance of finding the right fit thanks to the three different sized eartips included in the package.

The Hesh Evo over-ear headphones are a good option if you value comfort over style. They are far lighter and more comfortable to wear for extended periods of time than my Beats, which may begin to feel squeezy on my brain after a few hours of use.

When the headphones started to feel too tight, I swiveled the ear cups away from the headband to give my ears some fresh air.

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The Jib True 2 are great earbuds for the average person who doesn’t need anything fancy and doesn’t want to spend too much money.

They make me nostalgic for the ’90s in a good way, but I wish Skullcandy had dipped a whole foot instead of just a toe into that pool of nostalgia. One day I hope to own completely see-through equipment of this quality.

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