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The Swift Laptop from Acer Is Secure and Lightweight

The most recent OLED laptop from Acer features performance and security while keeping relatively lightweight despite its 16-inch display. Not content with the debut of its other two new Swift models in 2022, Acer is expanding the series even further with the introduction of the Acer Swift Edge (SFA16-41).

With a thickness of slightly more than half an inch and a weight of little more than two and a half pounds, Acer refers to this laptop as the company’s lightest 16-inch OLED laptop.

Of course, the Swift Edge’s light weight isn’t the only advantage it boasts in its marketing materials. The new laptop also features an OLED display with a resolution of 3840 by 2400 and a response time of fewer than 0.2 seconds.

Acer describes this as giving “sublime visual clarity.” And for rock-solid performance and lightning-fast speed, that monitor is compatible with an AMD Ryzen 6000 Series processor (or a Ryzen PRO 6000, depending on the version you pick), which is supported.

It also supports high-speed wireless connections with Wi-Fi 6E for seamless streaming and offers a number of different ports, including USB-A, two fast-charging USB-C ports, HDMI 2.1, and an audio jack. Additionally, it supports wireless connections at a higher speed.

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These same Ryzen 6000 Series processors utilize Microsoft’s Pluton security chip, which is activated by default. This feature is available by default. As a result, the Swift Edge will be more difficult to crack thanks to the additional safeguards that Pluton provides for encryption keys and other crucial pieces of information, as well as the support that the laptop provides for biometric authentication.

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The new Acer Swift Edge (SFA16-41) will be available sometime in the month of October, with pricing in the United States beginning at $1499.99. It is anticipated that it will be sold in China and Europe at approximately the same time for a price of 7999 and €1499, respectively.

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