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Is Fletcher a Lesbian? Know More About Her Life!

Cari Fletcher, also known simply as “Fletcher,” is a queer pop musician who is 28 years old and whose name you have probably heard! In 2011, she participated in the audition process for the very first season of The X Factor. This was the beginning of her career.

When it was first released in 2015, her single “War Paint” quickly became the most popular tune on Spotify. She released her debut extended play (EP), Finding Fletcher, in September of 2016, was signed to Capital Records in August of 2018, and she broke through to the mainstream in 2019 with the song “Undrunk,” which became the song on pop radio for a new artist with the fastest rising chart position since 2014.

It was included in the extended play titled “You Ruined New York For Me.” The S[ex] Tapes, her follow-up album, was published in September 2020, and in December of the previous year, she released “Cherry” with Hayley Kiyoko. This song also had a gay music video, which everyone seemed to like quite a lot.

Fletcher and Shannon Beveridge’s Relationship

It would appear that Fletcher and Shannon’s separation occurred at the same time as the pandemic. As a result, Shannon was forced to quarantine herself with Fletcher and her family. During this time, she worked with Fletcher on the music videos for “The [S]ex Tapes,” which were all about their breakup.

is fletcher a lesbian

According to what they shared with Teen Vogue, “the two talked a lot about the sentiments and events that inspired The S(ex) Tapes,” as well as how to produce something beautiful out of the anguish of their breakup. Teen Vogue published this information.

The article “During the previous year and a half, Fletcher has been moving through the process of finding herself at the end of a four-year relationship, getting to know who she is today, and focusing on her art throughout the entirety of it all,” was published in the year 2020 issue of Lady Gunn.

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Early Life and Education

Cari Fletcher spent her entire childhood in the city of Asbury Park, which is located in the state of New Jersey in the United States. It was her mother, Noreen Fletcher, who worked as a flight attendant, and her father, Bob Fletcher, who owned a car dealership, who gave birth to her.

Bobby Fletcher is Cari Fletcher’s younger brother, and both of her brothers share the same last name. Both of Cari’s parents were born and raised in Garden State. Cari began studying voice when she was five years old and continued till the age of thirteen.

Cari Fletcher graduated from Wall High School in 2012, where she had previously been a member of the women’s volleyball team. She had also completed her high school education there. Following that, she became a student at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, which is located on the campus of New York University (NYU).

Cari Fletcher graduated from New York University in 2016, after which she took a gap year and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in order to pursue music on a full-time basis.

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Career and Professional Highlights

The tune “Undrunk,” which she released in 2019, quickly became a massive smash and was named Spotify’s Best Pop Song of the Year for 2019.

Cari sprang to prominence in 2011 when she participated in the singing competition known as “The X-Factor” on television. Her song “War Paint” was named the most popular track on the internet by the Associated Press in the year 2015. Later in the year 2016, she published her first extended play, which was titled “Finding Fletcher.”

Aside from these, Cari has also released a number of other super hit and impressive single tracks, some of which include ‘Live Young Die Free (2016), ‘If You’re Gonna Lie (2019), ‘About You (2019), ‘Forever’ (2019), ‘If I Hated You (2020), ‘Feel’ (2020), ‘On Fire Again’ (2021), ‘Healing’ (2021), and ‘Cherry’ (2021).

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In addition, her work may be found on the albums Arcade’ (2020), ‘Another Life’ (2021), and ‘Sauna’ (2022). (2021). Cari has also performed in a number of lengthy pieces, such as “Finding Fetcher,” “You Ruined New York City for Me,” and “The S(ex) Tapes.”

Cari had her first significant appearance as an actress in the short film titled “How Katie Howard Found Herself,” which she worked on in the year 2010.

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