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Little Hope Ending Explained: Get All You Want to Know!

On October 30, Supermassive Games released The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, the second installment in their Dark Pictures anthology series. The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, directed by Nik Bowen, stars Will Poulter, Alex Ivanovici, Kyle Bailey, and Caitlyn Sponheimer in a role that spans drama, horror, mystery, and survival gaming.

After their bus crashes, four college students and two professors find themselves on the fringes of an almost empty New England town.

The place’s history of witch hunts gives it an air of primordial evil.

The Little Hope follows Man of Medan as the second of a total of eight volumes in The Dark Pictures Anthology. Supermassive Games has financed the project. Here’s a look at the Little Hope finale described for those who watched the whole thing and still didn’t get it.

What Happened in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope?

The Events of Little Hope Take Place in Three Different Time Periods: A 17th-Century Witch Trial, a Family Home in The 1970s, and A Modern Road Trip on Which a Group of Children and Their Teacher Have Recently Survived a Bus Crash.

Beginning in The 1970s, a Family of Six Is Wiped out When the Youngest Daughter, Acting at The Request of An Unseen Force, Uses the Kitchen Stove to Light a Doll on Fire, Resulting in The Complete Destruction of The Family Home. Except for The Youngest Son, Anthony, Who Ran Back Inside as The House Burned Down, the Entire Family Perished in The Blaze.

The Following Scene Introduces Us to Andrew, Angela, Daniel, and Taylor, Four Kids and Their Instructor Who Have Recently Survived a Bus Accident. All of A Sudden, It’s Very Clear that They Are the Identical Folks Who Perished in The Fire. the Bus’s Driver Has Gone Missing, and The Bus Itself (nicknamed “the Ferryman”) Is Broken, so The So-Called “survivors” Set Off to Get Assistance.

Obviously, the Supernatural Takes Over Quite Quickly.

Two of The Students Encounter a Dejected Alcoholic in A Nearby Abandoned Pub, and Then They Are Abducted by A Ghost Who Takes Them Back to The 17th Century. There, They See Mary, the Same Young Girl Who Sparked the Fire, and The Tale of A Witch Trial and A Villainous Reverend Begins to Unfold.

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As They Explore the Ghost Village of Little Hope, One by One They Are Transported To The 17th Century to Witness the Witch Trial. Each of Them, It Turns Out, Has a “double” Present; Reverend Carver Orders Their Execution Because He Believes They Are in League with Satan and Wants Mary to Condemn Them in His Name.

little hope ending explained

One Demon Is Born in The Present Day for Each Character Whose Duplicate Is Murdered During the Trials.

The Group Finds out Eventually that Their Doppelgangers Can See and Hear Them from The Past. in Spite of Their Best Efforts, Four Demons Are Born Into the Present Day, One for Each of The Executed Characters, and They Set out To Track Down the Humans.

The Reverend Carver Eventually Turns on Mary as Well, Telling the Court that She Is Under the Devil’s Sway and That They Have All Been Duped. the Current Demons Will Vanish, and The Night of Terror Will End, if The Group Is Successful in Convincing Andrew’s Doppelganger, the Only One Left Alive in This Reality, to Speak out For Mary and Hand Over Evidence Against Carver.

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What Happens at The End of Little Hope?

The Great Reveal Occurs with The Group’s Successful Exit from Little Hope, Regardless of Who Makes It Through the Night or What Decisions Are Taken. the Drunk from The Closed Bar, Vince, Will Come Back and Explain to Andrew that He Is Aware of The Fact that None of This Was His Fault.

He Instructs Andrew to Never Return to Little Hope and Gives Him Instructions on How to Locate a Phone to Ask for Assistance. when Andrew and His Companions Arrive at The Neighboring Diner, They Learn that Andrew Is Actually the Missing Bus Driver, Anthony in His Adult Guise.

The Guilt He Felt for Surviving the House Fire Was Exacerbated by The Residents of Little Hope, Including His Sister’s Boyfriend Vince, and Led to A Psychotic Episode.

After the Bus Accident, Everything that Happens in Little Hope Is Made Up. His Thoughts Were Consumed by The Tale of The Witch Trials and The Battle Against the Demons that Took Place in The 17th Century.

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when His House Burned Down, He Lost His Entire Family. He Was Able to Deal with His Guilt, Forgive His Sister for Causing the Fire, and Go on In Life by Resurrecting The victims and sending them back to battle their demons and rescue “Mary” from Reverend Carver.

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