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The Walking Dead: Daryl’s Sexual Orientation is Finally Known for Certain

On AMC’s The Walking Dead, homosexual characters are nothing out of the ordinary.

Characters that are interested in characters of the same gender are prevalent in the cast of Season 7.

The same-sex sexuality is shared by Tara, Aaron, Eric, and Paul “Jesus” Rovia, who will soon be exposed.

Despite the fact that Daryl Dixon’s sexuality has never been explicitly discussed in the context of The Walking Dead’s narrative, it turns out that Tara Chambler, played by Alanna Masterson, was almost the show’s first openly homosexual character.

Is Daryl Gay?

Due in large part to remarks made by series creator Robert Kirkman earlier this year regarding the character’s sexuality, which has gone unresolved on the show, the question of whether or not Daryl is gay has generated attention among certain fans.


For the record, Kirkman clarified the situation tonight.

He said, “Daryl Dixon is genuinely heterosexual,” to be precise.

On tonight’s episode of the Walking Dead post-episode conversation programme Talking Dead, Robert Kirkman was one of the guests.

When a viewer inquired about Daryl’s on-screen activity — not killing zombie action, but rather, you know, action action — Kirkman addressed the “hubbub” he produced when he previously discussed Daryl’s sexuality.

“On the show, Daryl Dixon is portrayed as being relatively asexual.

He strikes me as being a rather reclusive person.

I believe part of his charm lies in it. But I do need to make something clear.

There was a letter that prompted me to remark that Daryl Dixon’s character might have been made queer in the early days of The Walking Dead in the old comic book I publish, and it generated a lot of internet discussion.

Just to be clear, I meant to state that the possibility exists. It would have been acceptable to both the network and me.

But in the end, we decided against it. I can state unequivocally that Daryl Dixon is heterosexual.

Robert Kirkman continued by announcing that a prominent LGBT character from the comics will be introduced in the second half of the season.

Who Does Daryl Dixon Fall in Love With?

After what seemed like an eternity, the showrunner Angela Kang and the rest of the creative team behind the AMC drama have delivered an episode that gives the perpetual outsider Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus) a genuine love interest in the form of Leah, who is portrayed by True Blood and Bosch veteran Lynn Collins.


In the episode, Daryl is shown to be attracted to Leah, who is played by Norman Reedus.

In this episode, Daryl crosses paths with Leah, whose character is played by Norman Reedus, who previously appeared in True Blood and Bosch.

Is Daryl Walking Dead Asexual?

The show has portrayed Daryl in a way that is somewhat asexual, but the author of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, has stated that Daryl is heterosexual.

This is despite the fact that the show has portrayed Daryl in a way that is somewhat asexual.

Despite the fact that he has been portrayed in a manner that is relatively asexual on the show, this is the case.

“I believe that he is a very reserved person, and I also believe that this is, to some extent, one of the things that draws people to him.

However, I also believe that this is not the only thing that draws people to him.

In my opinion, this is one of the elements that causes people to be interested in him.

Nevertheless, there is a point that needs to be driven home in the strongest possible terms, “added Kirkman.

Does Daryl and Carol Kiss?

Daryl, who was in a state of hopelessness, received some consolation from Carol although the group continued to experience troubles along the road and was still grieving from the crimes that had taken place in Atlanta.

While the gang continued to have difficulties along the route and was still reeling from the horrors that had taken place in Atlanta, the group continued to have difficulties along the way.


Throughout this time period, the gang continued to run into difficulties as they travelled from place to place.

Even though Caryll and Daryl’s kiss was not meant to be romantic between the two of them, it was enough to stoke the fires of “Caryl” shippers all over the world.


Fans adore the chemistry that exists between him and Melissa McBride’s character Carol, see something going on between him and Lauren Ridloff’s character Connie, and also saw some kind of chemistry between him and Ross Marquand’s character Aaron, despite the fact that it was eventually established that Daryl is not gay.

Fans see something going on between him and Lauren Ridloff’s character Connie, and also saw some kind of chemistry between him and Ross Marquand’s character Aaron Despite the fact that he is the show’s eternal eligible bachelor, viewers of The Walking Dead enjoy the way in which he and Carol are bonded together (Melissa McBride).

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