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Taylor And Joseph Dating: Taylor and Joseph of Big Brother have plans before they date

Joseph and Taylor got into a fight inside the Big Brother house. However, there is one thing the couple wants to do before they go on a genuine date.

Many viewers anticipated that Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin would start dating immediately after leaving the Big Brother house, but there is something the couple wants to accomplish first.

While inside the house together, Joseph and Taylor did not formally have a showmance, but their chemistry was clear. Taylor and Joseph have been essentially inseparable since leaving the house.

Early on in the Big Brother competition, Taylor and Joseph grew close. One of the few residents, Joseph, spoke up for Taylor BB while she was being bullied within the residence. Joseph and Taylor are wondering where they want to take their relationship now that they are back in the real world.


However, the couple must take care of a few crucial issues before they can make things official. Taylor mentioned in her interview with The Reality Kingdom that she and Joseph intend to visit a therapist before dating.

Taylor, a Big Brother, wants to see Joseph in therapy

Before forming a romantic relationship, Taylor and Joseph still have a lot to work out. Taylor revealed in the interview that she and Joseph haven’t made things official despite being almost together since leaving the Big Brother house.

Taylor added that she was open to a long-term relationship with Joseph, romantic or not, but she did not want it to be “trauma bonding” Taylor continues to receive support from Joseph as they both go through post-season rehabilitation.

Taylor hopes that if they do decide to date in the future, it will be a committed relationship. She does not want the romance to end so quickly as it begins. They decided to visit the therapist together for this purpose as well.

“But for exploring the remainder of our relationship, that’s the reason we are taking therapy, to make sure our heads are okay,” the Big Brother season 24 winner continued. On the other hand, Taylor is also open to just maintaining a lifelong friendship with Joseph, much like Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha, two Big Brother luminaries.

There’s no denying that there was a tonne of drama that took place inside the Big Brother house this summer, which made it more difficult for the contestants to adjust to reality. Unlike other previous performances, Taylor and Joseph are waiting till they have had some time to heal after being cut off from society.

They may benefit from this in the long run by strengthening their bond. Who knows, maybe there will be another Big Brother wedding.

Who is Taylor from Big Brother dating?

Due in large part to the fact that Taylor and Joseph became fast friends very early on in the Big Brother competition, their friendship has stood the test of time. Joseph was one of the few houseguests who defended Big Brother’s Taylor when she was being mistreated by other houseguests while she was competing in the Big Brother game.


Taylor was upset because Joseph was one of the few houseguests who stood up for her. This season’s competition included BB’s Taylor, who was one of the contenders.

Both Joseph and Taylor are readjusting to life in the outside world, and at this time in their relationship, they are considering the direction that they want to take their relationship in the years to come.

What to know about Taylor Hale’s Personal Life?

Taylor Mackenzie Dickens Big Brother has been broadcast on television for the past 23 years, and Hale made history when she became the first Black woman to win a civilian season of the competition.

Big Brother has been broadcast on television for the past 23 years. The television show known as Big Brother is a reality show. During this time period, the show has had sporadic broadcasting sessions here and there.

Her efforts in history-making are made even more spectacular by the fact that she is the first person to simultaneously win “Big Brother” and “America’s Favorite Houseguest,” making her accomplishments much more impressive. As a consequence of this, she is considered a pioneer in the industry of reality competitions.

At the conclusion of the 24th season, which took place on September 25, 2022, Taylor Hale was honoured with the title of champion. The competition came to a close with this event, which signified its conclusion.

Big Brother’s final victor, Hale, was presented with a prize package with a total value of $750,000 as a way of expressing gratitude for all of the hard work and dedication he displayed throughout the course of the tournament.


She also received an additional monetary reward of $50,000 and was given the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest, which was determined by votes from the audience.

In addition, she was given the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest. In addition to this, the title of “America’s Favorite Houseguest” was bestowed upon her. In addition to this, she was given the title of “America’s Favorite Houseguest,” which is a title that she now holds.

How did Taylor Meet Joe?

There were rumours that Taylor and Joe initially met at the Met Gala in 2016, but none of them have come forward to confirm this. In point of fact, Taylor wrote about their encounter in the song “Dress,” which was included on her album titled “Reputation,” and she sang about it. The song was titled “Reputation.”

It would appear that when she adds, “Flashback to when you met me, your buzzed cut and my hair bleached,” she is making a reference to the different haircuts that each of them was sporting on the night in question. “Don’t forget the moment that we made our initial connection,”

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This time, Taylor and Joseph, who are now fondly referred to by their fans as #Jaylor, will not be separated against their will. #Jaylor fans have dubbed the couple’s relationship “Jaylor.”

Joseph is making the claim that “We have the luxury of doing things slowly.” And I’ve already told her this, “This time I won’t disappear to the yard,” but she didn’t believe me “the phrase before this one read.

Due to the fact that we have the luxury of time, there is no requirement for us to rush through this procedure. There is no excuse for overstimulation or bombarding someone with too much information.

Let’s just take things easy for the time being. In particular with reference to Taylor, she stayed inside the house for a greater amount of time. She was successful. Because she was coping with a great lot more than most people, we need to do everything in a calm and deliberate manner so that we don’t make things worse for her.

They appear to believe that it is a given that they will compete against one another on The Amazing Race, despite the fact that it is still a possibility.

Joseph chimes in and says, “There would be nothing more fun than to go and take this all over the place,” while Taylor reaffirms, “This is obvious.” That would be the accomplishment of a desire that had been held for a lifetime.


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