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Gay Spider Man: Marvel Has Just Announced That Spider-Man Is Gay

A writer for Marvel Comics named Steve Foxe believes that it is imperative to comprehend the character’s “fearlessly female persona” in order to fully appreciate who he is.

It has been announced by Marvel Publications that a new Gay Spider-Man will be making an appearance in their comics, and it is probable that this character may also make an appearance in the animated movies produced by Sony under the title Into the Spider-Verse.

In a tweet from the previous week that has since been deleted, Steve Foxe, a writer for Marvel Comics who is also writing the X-Men ’92 book at Marvel Comics, published details about a gay Spider-Man character who was given the name Web-Weaver.

About Gay Spider-Man

Because Northstar was Marvel Comics’ first major openly gay character, he was responsible for a significant amount of publicity in the mainstream press.


This publicity was beneficial to Marvel Comics. In light of this, Alpha Flight #106 was entirely depleted of its supply in a single week, despite the fact that this instalment of the series was not a particularly well-liked book.

The Gaylactic Hall of Fame has only ever acknowledged this one specific version of the comic book as deserving of its place in the hall of fame.

More Updates for Gay Spider-Man

Given that the character has only recently been presented, it is natural that those who are thrilled to feel represented in the Spider-Verse and those who have a full-on meltdown each and every time a single homosexual character is introduced as a superhero in any medium have strong reactions to the character already.

However, given that the character has only recently been presented, it is also reasonable to expect that these reactions will continue to evolve.

On the other hand, the support, and in some instances even fan art that had been made, was a lot more intriguing subject to follow up on.

Fans were notified by Foxe that despite the fact that the press release said little more than the fact that this new hero is a fashion designer, his occupation is “similar to Pete’s at the Bugle,” and that “this is very much an action story (with some flirtation!)!”


“When I first had the idea for Web-Weaver, one of the first things that came to mind was that he couldn’t and shouldn’t be a representation of all homosexual guys.

This was something that occurred to me almost immediately after I had the idea. There is no one person or thing that can accomplish this, “When the topic was initially brought up, he sent out a tweet in reaction to it.

The author states that “His unashamedly feminine identity is crucial to who he is,” but that this is not the focus of the narrative.

On the other hand, Web-Weaver is thought to be the first canonically gay male Spider-hero, and his contribution to the larger Spider-Man universe is very much appreciated. Web-Weaver was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

The fifth issue of Edge of the Spider-Verse will be made accessible to the general audience on October 5th.

Who is Web Weaver?

In a story that was written by Steve Foxe and Kei Zama, a not-so-mild-mannered fashion designer at Van Dyne dubbed Web-Weaver gets spider powers, and she shows us a completely different kind of Spider-Slayer.

The story was written by Steve Foxe. You just might discover him strutting the runway in front of his fellow Spiders in a variant cover that was drawn by the incredible artist Kris Anka, who was also responsible for the design of Web-great Weaver!

Who is Night Spider?

Felicia Hardy is a world-famous cat thief who originates from an alternate universe in which she, rather than Peter, was bestowed with spider-powers.

In this universe, Felicia Hardy now goes by the name Night-Spider. It was Kris Anka who was the one who was in charge of designing her attire.

Is the Weaver Marvel or DC?

In June, Marvel Comics revealed that a new Spider-Man character known as Web-Weaver would be making an appearance in a comic book that was going to be titled Edge of Spider-Verse.


This announcement was made by Marvel Comics. Today, we would like to provide you with some further information concerning the character that was just just introduced to you.

Character created by Steve Foxe and Kris Anka, who will make their debut in the upcoming issue #5 of Edge of Spider-Verse. This issue will be published on October 5th, and Kei Zama will be responsible for providing the artwork for this issue.

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In an article titled “Spider-Man Has Had a Choke-Hold on the Homosexual Community for Decades,” Queerty makes note of the fact that Spider-Man has always enjoyed a sizable following among members of the gay community.

Even before heartthrob actors started bringing the hero to the big screen, the lythe, lycra-clad youngster with nothing but quippy one-liners and a cool $3 in his bank account has been a favourite among the gay and lesbian community.

The website mentions that Andrew Garfield wanted Michael B. Jordan to play the role of M.J., that Tom Holland stated that it was “of course” possible for Spider-Man to be gay, and that Marisa Tomei wanted her Aunt May character to have a girlfriend, rather than Jon Favreau’s Harold “Happy” Hogan. All of these comments were made in regard to the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming film.

Further, Queerty recounts the moment when all three Spider-Men got together for the filming of Spider-Man: No Way Home, and it was stated that Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland could not help but to “compare bulges.”

That’s gay?

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