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Monique Samuels Divorce: Why Monique and Chris Samuels Aren’t Divorcing in Love & Marriage DC

Following admissions that were made at Bravocon, Monique and Chris Samuels are putting an end to speculations that they are getting a divorce after appearing on Love & Marriage: DC.

Although Monique and Chris Samuels have acknowledged that they are “struggling” in their marriage, the stars of Love & Marriage: DC have categorically denied the reports that they are divorcing at Bravo.

Even without going to Bravocon 2022, Monique managed to become the topic of conversation everywhere she went.

During the panel for The Real Housewives of Potomac, Ashley Darby revealed some shocking information regarding an actress who had previously worked with her.

Reports from official sources began to circulate in the media not long after, stating that Monique and Chris, who had been married for ten years, were on the verge of divorcing.

However, Monique and Chris responded to the claims by uploading an hour-long video to her YouTube channel.

In the video, they disproved the allegations and provided more information about the status of their marriage.

“It’s no secret that Chris and I have been struggling in some areas of our marriage,” Monique explained while pointing out the marital difficulties that the couple discussed on the first season of LAMDC. “It’s no secret that Chris and I have been struggling in some areas of our marriage.”

“Y’all witnessed the debates, y’all watched everything that was going on,” Monique said, referring to the audience’s experience.

The woman who was a mother to three children stated that she was experiencing “confusion” as the anniversary of her marriage to Chris drew closer.

“What y’all witnessed on Love & Marriage: DC during the previous season was my desperate plea for assistance,” Monique admitted.

“Personal Issues” Are Being Addressed by Monique and Chris in Their Current Work

Monique claims that she and her husband reached a breaking point in their marriage after noting the things that went “unmet” or “unheard” in their relationship for so many years.


However, this did not take the form of a divorce. Both Monique and Chris are currently attending separate sessions of therapy in the hopes of salvaging their marriage by working “on their issues.

“Even though Monique and Chris’s marriage is currently in a state of “separation,” the OWN star insists that she will not be filing for divorce.

“Should I tell Chris that we want a divorce? No. We are not going through with the divorce, “Monique stated.

She also mentioned that no paperwork for a legal separation or divorce had been submitted yet.

Christopher is 9 years old, Milani is 7 years old, and Chase is 3 years old; all three of the couple’s children live with them.

During the three seasons that Monique was a cast member on RHOP, Chase was given a warm welcome.

More About Their Relationship

At the RHOP panel that was being held at Bravocon, Monique’s friend and former co-star Ashley made a remark that reinforced speculation that the couple was divorcing.

Ashley, who is going through her divorce with Michael Darby, claimed that Monique and Chris were “going through some personal things” at the moment.

Ashley is going through her divorce from Michael Darby. The revelation gave rise to reports that Monique and Chris were getting a divorce, which they swiftly dispelled.

Monique turned to social media to broadcast a video of herself and Chris laughing off the allegations of an impending divorce.

Now, Monique and Chris have published a lengthy video outlining where they stand and further refuting the reports that were circulated before.

On the show Love & Marriage: DC, the focus was squarely on the conflict that existed between Monique and Chris.

Chris didn’t want to quarrel because Monique wanted him to be more understanding and thankful for everything she does as a wife and mother, and Chris didn’t want to argue because Monique wanted him to.

The cavalier manner in which Chris responded to Monique’s requests only served to increase her level of annoyance, which in turn sparked multiple altercations onscreen.

The audience members pointed the finger at Monique and accused her of mistreating Chris and hunting for opportunities to start a conflict.

The fact that the couple is currently attending counselling is evidence that their fights weren’t staged for the cameras.

Both Monique and Chris were speaking out loud about their need for assistance. They should make a triumphant return in season 2 looking better and more powerful than before.

Has Monique Samuels Left RHOP?


Candiace, who had been a close ally of Monique in the past, turned against her after Monique got into a fight with Candiace during the fifth season of the show.

The rest of the cast also turned against Monique after the fight, including Candiace. Monique has not looked back at RHOP since announcing her resignation shortly after the season 5 reunion.

Monique announced her resignation from RHOP shortly after the season 5 reunion.

Why Was Monique Fired From RHOP?


After getting into a violent altercation with her co-star Candiace Dillard Bassett during the fifth season of Potomac, Samuels announced that she will be leaving the show in 2021, telling Insider, “It simply wasn’t what I wanted to do.”

Nevertheless, she did not mention which season she was being considered for in her response.

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After reports stated that the couple—who appeared on the Real Housewives of Potomac for four seasons—were divorcing after ten years of marriage, the pair denied that there was any truth to the rumours. The couple appeared on the Real Housewives of Potomac for four seasons.

“Should I tell Chris that we want a divorce? No, we’re not getting a divorce, “In a video posted on YouTube on October 17, Monique said something when she was seated next to Chris. “Are Chris and I going to go in different directions? Never in a million years.”

However, as Monique explained, the couple has been going through a “process” as they prepare for the second season of their current show on OWN, Love & Marriage: DC.

This “process” has entailed both sides spending time alone at their respective residences.

“Working on our issues was the process that we were going through to fix our marriage,” Monique, who is the mother of Christopher, 9, Milani, 7, and Chase, 3, with Chris, shared.

Christopher is the oldest of three children. Milani is the middle child. Chase is the youngest. “We felt the need to distance ourselves from the situation and concentrate on ourselves.

If I don’t improve myself, I won’t be able to help either him or my kids. If he is not good, he is not good for himself, for me, or the children.”

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