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Who is J Prince: Find the Details About His Net Worth and Personal Life?

J. Prince was initially presented to the world with the name James L. Smith when he came into this world on October 31st, 1965. J. Prince is better known by his stage name, J. Prince.

His mother, Sharon Johnson, was only sixteen years old when she gave birth to him; however, she was already a mother to Prince’s daughter Zenia, who was just one year old at the time.

Although she was only sixteen years old when she gave birth to him, she was already a mother.

Even though she was only sixteen years old when she gave birth to him, Sharon Johnson was already a mother by that point.

The family had an apartment in a building that was jokingly called “the Bloody Nickel,” and they called their neighbourhood in Houston’s Fifth Ward “the Bloody Nickel.”

This particular building was home to the family’s apartment for many years. When Prince was a student at Kashmere High School, he participated in high school athletics by playing football for the school’s varsity team.

In addition to that, he worked a variety of odd jobs, such as mowing lawns and working on welding trucks. During this time, he was in the military.

When Prince’s older sister Zenia was on her way home from junior high school one day, she was tragically killed when she was hit by a train.

This event was the unfortunate chain of events that led to her passing. Prince didn’t waste any time after graduating from Kasmere High School and sending in his application to Colonial Savings and Loan with the hopes of getting hired in the Fault Department as soon as as.

Two years later, he was let go from his job, at which point he made the decision to pursue restoring bucket vehicles as a full-time occupation.

He made this decision after being laid off from his previous job. After some time had passed, he established his own company, which he called Smith Auto Sales, and went into the business of selling exotic automobiles.

His company’s name was Smith Auto Sales. At the time, the vast majority of his clientele consisted of wealthy athletes.


He concentrated mostly on catering to their requirements. J. Prince had already saved more than one hundred thousand dollars by the time he became twenty-one years old.

Even though he was only 23 years old at the time, he had already bought a home for his mother and a ranch for himself that had a combined total land area of 30 acres. Both of these properties were located in the same area.

J Prince’s Net Worth

J Prince is a prosperous American entrepreneur who has amassed a net worth of $35 million over the course of his lengthy and fruitful professional career in the United States. J Prince’s professional life in the United States has been marked by a great deal of success.

In some quarters, you could hear the title “Prince” used to refer to him. J. Prince has amassed a significant amount of wealth for himself as a direct result of his position as Chief Executive Officer of Rap-a-Lot Records, which has its headquarters in Houston and employs a sizeable workforce.

J. Prince’s financial success can be directly attributed to the fact that Rap-a-Lot Records has a sizeable workforce.

This role has been a significant contributor to J. Prince’s wealth, which he has accumulated over the course of his career.

J Prince’s Personal Life

J. Prince is the ecstatic parent of seven children, all of whom have attained the age of majority since they were first brought into the world.

J. Prince is proud of all of his children. He is able to bring in a yearly revenue of $200,000 thanks to the Angus cattle that he breeds, which allows him to maintain administration of his ranch near Houston.

This is as a result of the fact that he is able to continue operating the ranch in its current managerial capacity.

In addition to this, J. Prince is the owner of an island in the Caribbean Sea that is situated in close proximity to the coast of Belize. This island is located close to Belize, in the region known as the Caribbean.

J Prince’s Career

In 1986, Prince established the hip hop record label known as Rap-a-Lot in Houston. Initially, he established the business on the upper level of the building that housed his auto shop.


It was his primary objective to establish the record label in order to provide something for his younger brother to do in order to prevent him from getting into problems on the streets.

The business is also famous for the sublabel Smoke-a-Lot Records that it released. In 1988, he relocated the label to New York City and began analysing the work of some well-known pals, Def Jam executives Russel Simmons and Lyor Cohen.

The Geto Boys, Rap-a-most lot’s famous act, are credited with putting the South on the map of hip hop.

He was responsible for discovering the rap artists Scarface and Willie D, and in 1989, his firm released the album “Grip It! On That Other Level.” During the same year, the federal government conducted an investigation into Rap-a-Lot.

The matter was closed once it was determined that the label was not involved in any criminal activities.

Since then, it has continued to focus on gangsta and southern rap, which has contributed to its continued success.

Priority Records and Virgin Records, both owned by EMI, were the ones responsible for its distribution from 1991 until 1994. (1994–2000).

Asylum Records, which is part of WEA, was the label that handled distribution in the 2000s. On the track “Flava in Ya Ear (remix),” the Notorious B.I.G. made a reference to it when he declared, “I’m not from Houston, but I Rap-a-Lot.”

At the conclusion of the song “What a Job,” which features Snoop Dogg, Devin the Dude, Snoop Dogg offers his congratulations to the record label by saying, “J. Prince, Jas Prince, Rap-a-Lot, still on top, 2007.”

Southern Empire Entertainment is the name of J’s son Jay Prince’s record label, and Rap-a-Lot is the label’s distributor.

Drake, a recording artist signed to Young Money/Ca$h Money/Universal Records, was found by Jas Prince, who is also responsible for discovering him.

Drake is currently signed to a management contract with Rap-a-Lot. In early 2009, he was able to get Drake signed to the Young Money record label thanks to an introduction he made to the musician Lil Wayne.

2018 saw the release of “The Art & Science of Respect: A Memoir,” which was J. Prince’s autobiography.

How Did J Prince Make His Money?

As a means of breaking into the boxing industry, he began his career by working as a manager for fighters.

This was his entry point into the sport. In the vicinity of the year 1999, he established JPrince Boxing, a boxing club that would later develop into a component of the Prince Boxing Complex, which would cost multiple millions of dollars.


JPrince Boxing was named after Jermaine “Prince” Edwards. The nightclub was located in Houston’s Fifth Ward, if you were looking for it.

Where is J His Parents From?

J Hus was raised in the Stratford neighbourhood of London, where he was born and raised after moving there as a toddler.

His mother left The Gambia when she was 25 years old and moved to England, where he was raised. He has Gambian ancestry, but he was brought up in England by his mother.

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After supporting Houston’s rap scene and rap artists for the past 20 years, Prince is now directing his energy toward the promotion of economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods and communities.

This shift in focus comes after Prince spent the previous 20 years encouraging Houston’s rap scene and rap artists.

He has just recently begun construction on a community centre in his old neighbourhood, which is located in the 5th Ward.

This centre will help young children, teenagers, and adults be more successful in their lives. Declaring January 30, 2007, to be Prince Day was one way in which the Houston City Council and Mayor Bill White paid respect to Prince and his body of work.

In February of 2007, Prince launched a campaign to encourage HIV testing and prevention among young people. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness among young people.

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