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Gillie Da Kid’s Net Worth in 2022 Shows His Success as A Rapper!

Friends from the neighborhood named Gillie da Kid, Wallo, and Abliva were the founders of Major Figgas, which was established in the Erie Avenue district of Philadelphia. Because they all lived in the same region, they were already familiar with Bump J, Dutch, and Rolx. Eventually, they expanded their group by recruiting Spade and Bianca. Soon after, Chops, Rucie, L DeNiro, and Dirty Rik all embarked on the ship.

Following the publication of a number of underground tapes, they independently released the full-length album Figgas 4 Life, which resulted in a recording contract with RuffNation Records/Warner Bros. Records. In the year 2000, an enhanced version of the album was released.

It debuted at position 115 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in the United States and at position 29 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. “Yeah That’s Us” was their one and only significant radio hit; it peaked at number 2 on the Rap Singles list and number 34 on the R&B Singles chart.

The Early Years of Gillie Da Kid

While it is common knowledge that Gillie Da Kid was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 31st, 1984, Regarding the rest of his family history, our knowledge is limited. Sar’d Nasir is his given name. He had the drive to excel and become renowned from an early age, and he did both of those things.

The beginnings of Gillie Da Kid’s fortune may be traced back to his younger years. After achieving notoriety as the “Underground Philadelphia emcee,” he went on to publish a number of mixtapes under the name “King of Philly.” Even before he produced his first studio album, Gillie Da Kid’s fame and money were well-known in the music industry. His fortune is estimated to be in the millions.

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Gillie Da Kid’s Net Worth

Gillie Da Kid is a famous rapper from the United States who is currently worth $2 million. Gillie Da Kid, an artist in the genre of rap, was pursued by a number of music labels, including Roc-A-Fella and Warner Bros., but his relationships with both of these labels became strained.

Eventually, he secured a recording contract with Cash Money Records, where he served as a “ghostwriter” for Lil Wayne. After leaving Cash Money Records, he established his own record company, Figgas 4 Life Entertainment. Gillie was given the name Sar’d Nasir at birth, and he was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The most notable aspects of his career are the management of the record label Figgas 4 Life Entertainment and his involvement as an artist with the record labels Roc-A-Fella and Warner Bros. He had a brief stint as a ghostwriter for Cash Money Records and Lil Wayne, but that came to an end when a controversy erupted at the record label due to a disagreement about money.

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Gillie Da Kid, Wife, and Family

At the moment, Nasir, also known as Gillie, is participating in a loving partnership with Regina. Makeup is Regina’s area of expertise. Even though there is no legal foundation for their relationship, the two of them have decided to live together.

The dynamic between them and one another is not unlike that of a husband and wife in many ways. He has affectionately christened his future wife-to-be with the moniker of Tudie.

The couple maintains a strong presence on several social media platforms, where they share numerous images from their happy relationship. They have been granted the gift of parenthood with two children: a son and a daughter. However, their identities have remained hidden from the broader public up until this point.

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Final Words

Friends from the neighborhood named Gillie da Kid, Wallo, and Abliva were the founders of Major Figgas, which was established in the Erie Avenue district of Philadelphia. Gillie Da Kid was born on July 31, 1984, in Philadelphia, PA. He has a net worth of $2 million.

Nasir aka Gillie is involved with Regina in a romantic relationship. Regina is a make-up artist. Though there is no legal basis for their relationship, they are living together. Their relationship is not much different than that of a husband and a wife.

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