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Is Oliver Tree Dating Belle Delphine: What Is Making Fans Go Crazy, Don’t Forget To Check?

Fans are confused as a result of the Miss You singer posting a video that shows Oliver Tree and Belle Delphine kissing. The video has been posted all over social media.

Late last night, November 8, 2022, the Californian singer and comedian uploaded the video to TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram with the caption: “What it looks like to find love on the internet.”

The fans are perplexed as to what the meaning of the video is, so let’s investigate it further below.

The Oliver Tree And Belle Delphine Kissing Tiktok

The first image that appears in the video is of Oliver Tree seated at a dressing table with his back turned to the camera.

Accompanying the visuals is the singer’s single “Miss You,” for which the music video was made available for public viewing on October 28.


He rapidly turns his body so that he is facing the camera and makes an expression that resembles shock with his mouth wide open.

The 29-year-old individual is seen clutching a pink game console while also sporting pink headphones shaped like cat ears.

The audience is then shown what Oliver is reacting to as the camera shifts to a different angle.

At that point, we witness Belle Delphine enter the room through a door wearing a pink blouse, a pink wig, and pink cat ears that are similar to the ones she is wearing.

The camera moves in for a tight shot of her face as she licks her teeth in a suggestive manner, and then it moves in for a tight shot of Oliver doing the same thing.

The two then make their way near one another and the video concludes with a clip of them making a pretty poor attempt at a kiss.

Fans React To Oliver Tree’s Tiktok

The video and its caption have elicited a variety of responses, and it is understandable that some fans are perplexed by them.

Some people are wondering if this means that Oliver and Belle are dating or if Oliver paid Belle to appear in the video because she is an internet celebrity.

A user of TikTok posted the following comment: “What is happening? “

Someone else remarked, “I want to know how much money my buddy paid her just for that.”

One of the user’s followers commented on Instagram, saying, “I’m screaming, crying, and puking on the floor.”

I don’t know what to say; I’m speechless. This was the very last thing I ever imagined I’d have the chance to see in my lifetime.

Who Is Belle Delphine?

Belle Delphine is an English YouTuber and model who is currently 23 years old. According to PopBuzz, having a birthday on October 23 means that she is a Scorpio.

Mary-Belle Kirschner is the individual’s birth name, but she is better known by her stage name. She frequently shares sexually explicit content or acts as a cosplayer on the internet.

She was born in Cape Town, but when she was 12 years old, she went to the United Kingdom with her family. She is 5 feet and 6 inches tall (1.68m).

When it comes to occupations that can be pursued online and have the potential to lead to financial success, you will have a difficult time finding one that is mor13e unique than that of Belle Delphine.


The 22-year-old Instagram star, whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, has made a name for herself in the world of cosplay and beyond by engaging in numerous audacious escapades that have resulted in both fame and a brief encounter with the law, as well as banned accounts on both YouTube and Instagram. Her real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner.

Her other “highlights” include videos with titles like “GamerGirl Pee” and “GamerGirl Chewed Gum,” but her “Gamer Girl Bath Water” antics are by far the most outrageous of all of her antics.

On her website,, she is offering all three of these products for sale, with the bath water currently fetching a price of $250 after having an initial price of $30.

If you do the math, that’s an increase in price that’s eight times higher, and considering the characteristics of the product, it’s a safe assumption that the profit margin hasn’t decreased at all along the way.

In spite of her tongue-in-cheek manner and goofy presentation, it is abundantly clear that Belle Delphine possesses a keen mind for business, which is not to be taken in jest.

Therefore, let’s investigate her financial situation a little bit and take a look at some of the monetary milestones she’s reached on the path to her incredible and improbable success.

In an interview with the Spectator, Belle Delphine revealed that she charges $35 per month for subscribers to view explicit content in her adult movies and that she released her first adult movie on OnlyFans just before Christmas last year.

She is also well-known for creating a satirical account on Pornhub, and her move into the world of X-rated movies has significantly increased her personal wealth.

Why Is Belle Delphine So Rich?

The high earnings of Belle Delphine can be attributed to her excellent marketing abilities as well as her tendency to trend on social media platforms such as Twitter.

How Much Is Belle Delphine Worth 2022?


Belle Delphine is a well-known figure on the internet and is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $5 million. She is only 23 years old at this point.

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The outrageous antics that Belle Delphine engages in are undeniably a component of the financial formula.

Her most recent business endeavours include, among other things, peddling Bibles while proclaiming herself to be a “simp for Jesus,” peddling suggestive posters, and peddling bath water, as was mentioned earlier.

Despite the fact that Belle Delphine has very little prior experience in the gaming industry, she is venturing further into the gaming industry by forming a partnership with Ghost Army to sell a variety of products based on gaming.

When it comes to Belle Delphine, the bottom line is that her business savvy is really what’s driving her net worth, and it appears that the sky is the limit as far as the short term is concerned.

The exact amount of her net worth remains a mystery, but there is no question that it is in the seven-figure range and is most likely moving closer to the eight-figure range. And I have a feeling that this is exactly how she likes it to be.

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