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What Happened To Michelle Carter When She Was Released From Prison?

Note: In This Story, Suicide is Talked About. if You or Someone You Know is Thinking About Suicide, Please Call The U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, Text Home at 741741, or Go To speakingofsuicide.Com For More Help!

Michelle Carter, who was 17 at the time, made headlines in 2014 when it was found out that she had sent her depressed 18-year-old boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, texts telling him to kill himself.

Since then, Carter’s case has been the subject of debate and a number of media projects, such as “The Girl From Plainville,” an eight-part drama on Hulu in which Elle Fanning plays Carter. Carter was found guilty of manslaughter by accident in the year 2020.

Here Are The Facts!

In 2014, Michelle Carter’s Case Was All Over The News!

Where is Michelle Carter Now 2022

In July 2014, Conrad Roy III killed himself. Roy’s body was found in his pickup truck, which was parked in a Fairhaven, MA, Kmart parking lot. He had breathed in carbon monoxide.

Later, investigators found texts that Carter had sent to Roy that changed how Roy died. Even though the Massachusetts teens only met in person a few times, the first time was on vacation in Florida in 2012. However, they texted each other a lot.

The New York Times says that evidence presented at Carter’s trial in 2017 showed that Roy told Carter in October 2012 that he was thinking about killing himself. She wrote to him at the time, “You have so much to live for, please don’t.” “The Girl from Plainville” says that Roy had tried to kill himself before.

According to the trial, in June 2014, Carter wrote to a friend, “I’m basically keeping him alive.” But in July 2014, she changed the tone of her texts and started encouraging Roy to hurt himself. Dr. Peter R. Breggin, a psychiatrist who testified for the defense, said that Carter may have thought it was “good” to help Roy die, according to the New York Times.

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Michelle Carter Sent Over 1,000 Text Messages to Conrad Roy in The Week Before He Died!

Where is Michelle Carter Now 2022

NBC Boston says that court testimony shows that Carter sent Roy a lot of texts, including more than a thousand in the week before Roy’s death. According to court records, most of the messages he got that week told him to kill himself, even when Roy had doubts or changed the subject.

Carter was also talking to Roy on the phone right before he died. According to texts she sent to another friend, she told him to “get back in” the truck, which was filling up with Carbon Monoxide Fumes, when he expressed doubts. These texts were read at the trial.

Michelle Carter Was Charged with Unintentional Manslaughter

Where is Michelle Carter Now 2022

Carter was charged with manslaughter in February 2015, a few months after Roy died. She was 17 when she went to trial, but she was charged as a “Youthful Offender” instead of a juvenile, which meant she could be sentenced as an adult.

Carter was 20 years old when her trial started in June 2017. Carter gave up her right to a jury trial and asked that the case be decided by a judge instead. On June 16, Judge Lawrence Moniz said that Carter was guilty of manslaughter by accident.

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Michelle Carter Was Given a Diagnosis of Depression

Where is Michelle Carter Now 2022

Carter was getting help for his depression before the trial. According to NBC News, Carter also told a friend that she had an eating disorder. This came out during the trial. fixed source

CNN said that during the trial, a psychiatrist for the defense named Dr. Breggin said that Carter may have been affected by the fact that in April 2014, she switched from the antidepressant Prozac, which she had been taking since she was 11, to the depression drug Celexa.

Michelle Carter Was Freed From Prison in 2020

Where is Michelle Carter Now 2022

Carter could have spent up to 20 years in prison, but at her bench trial in 2017, she was given 15 months in prison and five years of probation instead. She did not go to jail until all of her appeals were over, which was in February 2019.

Even though she wasn’t given parole, she was let out of jail three months early because she had been “Good.” Carter was in jail for less than a year and got out in January 2020.

In an interview with “20/20” in April 2022, Lynn St. Denis, who used to be Roy’s mother, said that Carter’s sentence was too short. In 2019, St. Denis sued Carter for wrongful death and asked for $4.2 million, but the suit was thrown out.

“15 months go by in a flash, and I’ve been without my son for a lifetime,” she told “20/20.”

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The Michelle Carter Case Has Been The Subject of Many Projects

Where is Michelle Carter Now 2022

Two other media projects have been made about the case, in addition to “The Girl From Plainville,” an eight-part miniseries on Hulu.

In 2018, “Conrad & Michelle: If Words Could Kill” came out on Lifetime. Austin P. McKenzie and Bella Thorne played the two main characters.

I Love You, Now Die: The Commonwealth vs. Michelle Carter,” a two-part documentary made by filmmaker Erin Carr and shown on HBO in 2019, is split into two parts.

NBC News says that one of the conditions of Carter’s release is that she can’t make money off of her story.

Where is Michelle Carter Now?

Where is Michelle Carter Now 2022

So where’s Carter now? Nobody knows.

Carter, who is now 25, hasn’t been seen in public since she got out of prison in January 2020. It’s possible that she’s still living with her family in Plainville.

She hasn’t talked about the Hulu show or the two-part HBO documentary about her case that came out in 2019. In 2018, Lifetime also put out a movie based on her story.


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