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Is Malcolm & Marie Partially Based on a True Story?

Malcolm & Marie is the newest drama-romance movie that you can stream on the big online video service Netflix.

The movie is about how simmering tensions and painful truths force a couple to come to terms with their relationship. Many fans of the movie have asked, “Is Malcolm and Marie based on a true story?” “Is Malcolm and Marie about Malcolm X?”

Malcolm & Marie is Partially Based on a True Story

Malcolm & Marie is based on a real event in Sam Levinson’s life, but the movie is about a lot more than that.

The main couple in the movie, played by John David Washington and Zendaya, comes home from Malcolm’s movie premiere, where he forgot to thank his girlfriend, Marie while talking about the movie.

Even worse, Malcolm had based his movie on Marie’s life, which makes it even more hurtful that he left her out. This action starts Malcolm and Marie’s bigger story, which goes into depth about how they feel about each other.

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Sam Levinson has said that the part of the speech about how he left out his then-girlfriend, now-wife Ashley Levinson is based on a true story.

He told Deadline, “I may have forgotten to thank my wife once at a premiere, and that was the beginning of this relationship story that keeps getting worse from there on out.” Malcolm & Marie could be based on a real story, but it doesn’t have to be the one about Malcolm’s mistake.

who is malcolm and marie based on
who is malcolm and marie based on

There are also a lot of bad things said about critics in the movie, which some people have called “petty” and others have called “vengeful.” In one scene, Malcolm talks about “that white lady from the L.A. Times.”

This is a reference to Katie Walsh, a critic for the L.A. Times, who gave Sam’s earlier movie, Assassination Nation, a bad review. This has not been lost on many reviewers.

The Ringer also says that many parts of Malcolm and Marie’s characters are based on Sam Levinson’s life in a loose way.

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Sam has talked about how Marie’s story of addiction inspired him to write Euphoria, and Malcolm is a filmmaker, just like Sam.

Sam has also said that Malcolm & Marie isn’t based on a real story, but that the fights are based on the conversations he has with himself.

What Do I Need to Do to Watch Malcolm and Marie on Netflix?

On February 5, 2021, the movie came out on Netflix. Netflix paid $30 million for the rights to distribute the movie in September 2020, beating out HBO, A24, and Searchlight Pictures.

Before it came out on Netflix on January 29, 2021, the movie was shown in a few theatres across the United States. But, according to Deadline, the movie “made hardly any money” while it was in theatres.

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