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Atomic Heart Release Date: Here All Details About The Season To Know

What is Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart continues its… unique blend of pulpy Soviet sci-fi with this latest gameplay footage. And by pulpy, I mean the various ways in which living things are pulped over time. There’s a massive, rolling Soviet death robot. There’s a microwave gun. There are lady androids impaling each other with unicorns to some unfathomable end? I have no idea! I just observe things and write words.

Amid the chaos, there are numerous combat options on display, including telekinesis and ice jets from the player’s left hand, as well as pistols, electrified rifles, and a pitchfork that also appears to be a large pair of scissors.

What’s the Story? The Premise?

The story is similar to an episode of Black Mirror set in a warped version of the Soviet Union between the 1930s and 1960s.

Atomic Heart Release Date

According to Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni (opens in new tab), the USSR still exists in this reality, “but a technological revolution has already occurred: robots, the Internet, holograms have already been invented… all these innovations are submerged in the atmosphere of communism, confrontation with Western imperialism, and all the other inherent political and social aspects of the time.”

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Robots have been mass-produced to assist with agriculture, defense, timber production, and simple household chores—and now they’re rebelling. You play Major Nechaev, a mentally unstable KGB special agent codenamed P-3, and the government has assigned you to investigate a silent manufacturing facility.

Everything is, to put it mildly, royally fucked upon arrival. Robots are out of control, long-dead creatures are resurrected, and traps have been set to catch anyone who enters. It is your responsibility to figure out what happened and put an end to the chaos.

A love story exists somewhere between murder and madness, though we don’t know how important it will be. Oh, and even though the plot is linear, there will be two endings.

When is Atomic Heart’s Release Date?

The Atomic Heart will be released on February 21, 2023. It’s had a couple of release date teasers since its initial announcement four years ago, so having a confirmed date is nice.

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While the release date was initially set and later confirmed as late 2022, an announcement that Atomic Heart would now be published by Focus Interactive stated that the game was “initially planned for 2022.”

Atomic Heart Release Date


Its Steam page changed around this time, from an explicit 2022 release date to the more ambiguous “this Winter.” However, in a recent trailer, we learned that Atomic Heart will be released in February.

Atomic Heart will be available for Xbox Game Pass on day one, and hopefully, for the PC Game Pass as well.

Atomic Heart Cast

  • Robert Bagratuni.
  • Artyom Galeev.
  • Oleg Gorodishenin.

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Atomic Heart Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atomic Heart Going to Be Released?

The Release Date for Focus Entertainment and Mundfish’s Upcoming Action RPG Atomic Heart, Set in the Mad Utopia of an Alternate Post-Wwii World, Has Been Announced. The Game is Now Available for Pre-order on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|s, Xbox One, and Pc, and Will Be Released on February 21, 2023.

Will the Atomic Heart Be Delayed?

Focus Entertainment Revealed the Delay, as well as the Fact That the Game Will Now Be Published by Them. “Focus Entertainment is Excited to Announce Their Collaboration With Video Game Development Studio Mundfish to Publish the Upcoming Atomic Heart.”

Is Atomic Heart Scary?

The Newest Trailer for the Russian Sci-fi Fps Isn’t Just Flashy and Bombastic; It’s Also Incredibly Creepy, Which Bodes Well for the Game’s Overall Tone. Atomic Heart, Mundfish’s Alternate-history 1950s Soviet Union Sci-fi Shooter, Has Received a New Trailer, and It’s Incredibly Creepy.

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