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Who is Bradley Jackson Based on: What parts of The Morning Show are true?

Bradley Jackson is the current co-anchor of UBA’s The Morning Show with Alex Levy, having replaced Mitch Kessler, who was fired for sexual misconduct.

Early Life

Her parents divorced after her father was sentenced to prison for driving while intoxicated and killing a child.

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She has been estranged from her father for 15 years and has not spoken to him. She had numerous disagreements with both of her parents.

She had an abortion at 15, which her mother was not aware of.

Who is Bradley Jackson Based on

The One Thing That Sets Bradley Apart From Every Other Character on ‘The Morning Show

Though stars Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell have repeatedly stated that neither of their Morning Show characters is based on real people, it’s difficult not to see parallels between them and Matt Lauer, who was fired from the Today show in 2017 following sexual misconduct allegations, and Savannah Guthrie, who was his co-host at the time and has carried the show since. (Lauer apologized for his actions in a statement read on Today at the time, but said not all of the allegations were true.)

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In fact, the new Apple series follows a nearly identical timeline: Alex Levy (Aniston), who has worked for 15 years with her co-anchor Mitch Kessler (Carell), learns in the early hours of the morning that he has been fired following a sexual misconduct investigation.

She announces his dismissal to the rest of America on-air that day, just as Guthrie did with Lauer, and is left scrambling to keep the show running on her own. Bradley Jackson, a fiery local news journalist played by Reese Witherspoon, is the only character who doesn’t fit into this story. She’s spontaneous and doesn’t fit the mold of a morning anchor — or, as she says in the trailer, any mold.

Unlike Alex and Mitch, Bradley does not appear to have a real-life counterpart — at least not an obvious one. Initially, she’s set up as a foil for Alex: the network’s higher-ups have been trying to push her out and bring in fresh (and younger) blood, and Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) sees Bradley as the ideal destabilizer. However, there is no competition, according to star and executive producer Reese Witherspoon.

“What I think is interesting about our characters is Alex has existed in a system that barely made space for her and she felt lucky to be the only woman in that space,” Witherspoon said earlier this month at a press conference. “‘Hold on!’ says my character as he walks in. One woman is insufficient. There should be more. There must be everything.'”

Who is Bradley Jackson Based on

Witherspoon has remained tight-lipped about how Alex and Bradley’s relationship develops, but she has hinted that they will not fight throughout the season. “To me, it’s like second and fourth-generation feminism, like a slightly different ideology,” she explained at the press conference. “You see clashing ideologies, but you also see us coming together toward a common goal at the end of the season.”

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In contrast to the unconventional, anti-establishment Bradley, Lauer’s open Today show slot was filled in 2018 by Hoda Kotb, a veteran Dateline and NBC correspondent. But, given that the rest of The Morning Show’s plot is so heavily based on real life, Bradley appears to be the show’s only original character. It only adds to her surprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Parts of the Morning Show Are True?

Season One Was Inspired by the #metoo Movement as Well as Brian Stelter’s Nonfiction Look at the “Cutthroat World of Morning Tv.” According to Leder, Saying That Specific Characters on the Show Are Directly Based on Real-life Morning Television Personalities is Inaccurate.

Which Morning Show is the Most Popular?

‘Good Morning America’ is the Top Morning News Show Across All Key Demos: Total Viewers, Adults 25-54, and Adults 18-49. “Good Morning America” Was Named America’s No.

What Does the Morning Show Twist Mean?

The Programme Addresses Current Events. The Final Hour of the Show Includes a Segment Called the Twist, Which Features Pop Culture Stories. Advertisement.

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