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What Caused the Death of Clarence Gilyard Jr.?

Clarence Gilyard Jr., an actor who was best known for his roles in “Walker, Texas Ranger” and “Die Hard,” has passed away. He had lived for 66 years. At this time, we don’t know anymore about how he died.

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, said in a statement that Gilyard had died. Gilyard was a professor at the UNLV College of Fine Arts, where he taught film and theatre.

Heather Addison, who is in charge of film at UNLV, said that Professor Gilyard was a source of light and strength for everyone around him.

“Every time we asked him how he was doing, he would happily say, ‘Blessed!’ But it was really us who were lucky to work with him and learn from him for so many years. Professor G, we love you and will miss you very much.

Gilyard was a good actor on film, TV, and in the theatre. In the 1980s, he made a lasting impression with a series of guest star TV roles, his film debut as Sundown in “Top Gun,” and his role as Theo, the terrorist computer whiz, in “Die Hard,” which he played with gleeful menace.

In 1989, he got a regular role on prime-time TV with “Matlock.” His character, Conrad McMasters, was a private investigator who worked for Andy Griffith’s top criminal defense lawyer.

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Gilyard was in 85 episodes of “Matlock” before leaving the show in 1993 to play a bigger part in “Walker, Texas Ranger.” He played Jimmy Trivette, the tough sergeant Chuck Norris’s right-hand man.

He was in all 196 episodes of the eighth season of the show. Gilyard kept acting after the show ended in 2001. He did so in a number of movies and TV shows.

Gilyard was born on December 24, 1955, in Moses Lake, Washington. He grew up as a military brat, moving around to different air bases in the U.S. before his family moved to California. Gilyard spent a year as a cadet at the Air Force Academy.

After that, he went to Sterling College and then California State University, Long Beach and California State University, Dominguez Hills, where he got a bachelor’s degree in acting.


Gilyard went back to school later in life and became an associate professor in the department of theatre at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2006.

Gilyard also worked as a producer and director. He was in charge of one episode of “Walker, Texas Ranger. Catherine Dutko was once married to Gilyard. In 2001, he got married to Elena Gilyard.

Clarence Gilyard Cause of Death

We can live longer if we lead healthy lives. However, due to their occupations and hectic schedules, this cannot apply to everyone. Our bodies become restless as we age, and at that point it is more crucial to look after our health.

A person can pass away for a number of reasons, including illnesses, accidents, suicide, etc. These days, even young children might develop a variety of ailments, which is alarming news.

Recently, a number of celebrities passed away for a variety of causes. American scholar Clarence Gilyard is one of them. He was a famous individual that became more successful in his career; he was born on December 24, 1955.

But he has since vanished. Clarence Gilyard passed away on November 28, 2022, according to the facts we learned from wikipedia. But his followers’ top search was for “how did Clarence Gilyard die” Therefore, when we looked for information, we discovered that Clarence Gilyard’s cause of death was a protracted illness.

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