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Why Did Sal and Mallory Break Up and Where Things Goes Wrong?

The second season of Netflix’s reality romance show Love Is Blind keeps us guessing, and so does the relationship between Mallory Zapata and Salvador “Sal” Perez.

The couple had an instant and deep connection, but things went downhill a little when they met outside the pods and Sal realized that Mallory’s connection with Jarrette might not be completely over, as he had thought.

Throughout the season, the couple kept us guessing about their current relationship status. Here are all the facts about Mallory and Sal.

Major Love Is Blind season two spoilers are coming up, including whether or not the couple got married at the end of the season.


Do Sal and Mallory Still Have a Relationship?

In an interview with Us Weekly on February 25, Sal talked about the wedding day. “My feelings were all over the place at the wedding,” he said. “I could feel everything, and I was really trying to make sense of everything we had been through together.”

He went on, “I was really just sort of summarising it in my head, and I knew that at that moment of my wedding, I just wanted to make that choice with her.”

I wanted to know how I felt about her at that moment. That day was crazy.” It seems likely that Sal could have said “I do” on that day if things had been different, and if his feelings for Mal were strong.

mallory and salvador
mallory and salvador

Sal also said that he was sorry he didn’t show his feelings more often during the series. “I wish I would have maybe had a few more of those raw, emotional fights with Mallory,” he told Us Weekly. “I think those are important to our story, and maybe a little more of them would have been nice.”

Sal also gave a hint about his life after Love Is Blind by saying, “I am very happy. Mallory is also very happy, I know.” Could that mean they got together in the end?

Mal and Sal don’t seem to have said much about each other on social media, but it looks like they follow each other.

Mallory promoted Love Is Blind on Instagram on February 1, and she told people that she was going to be in the new season.

Sal could be found lurking in the comments, writing “Getting it, Mal” with some fire and applause emojis, which seems more supportive than romantic.


Why did Sal and Mallory Break Up?

The Love Is Blind stars went back to Chicago after the main Season 2 group got back together at a rental house to celebrate Natalie Lee’s birthday for After the Altar. Sal got together with his sisters, Victoria and Daisy, to talk about getting engaged to Jessi and to explain why he and Mallory really didn’t work out.

Sal then explained why he had decided to turn Mallory down at the altar. He said that about a week before their wedding, the two had plans to hang out and go shopping.

mallory and salvador
mallory and salvador

“For two hours, I didn’t hear from her. I end up going to a couple of stores to wait for her because she says she’s going to meet me “He kept going.

“But when she called me last, she slurred her words, and I just started walking back to my apartment.”

Sal said that on his way back to his apartment, he saw a man throw a cup out the window and heard a woman say, “That’s my coffee.”

“Wow, that sounded a lot like Mallory, I thought. When I look in the car, I see Mallory with some random guy who is just drunk “he added.

Then he talked to his siblings. “That was the night I came and stayed with you all because I couldn’t stay at that apartment.”

Later in the episode, Mallory talked about Sal’s side of the story and told what she thought happened before the wedding.

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