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What Is Bidfta? How To Use It?

Fast Track-It Auctions, often known as, is an excellent website for obtaining prices on various items (or, if you’re so inclined, purchasing products to resell at a better price). However, using their website to discover and recall things you intend to view or bid on later can be a bit difficult (if you bid now and leave it, someone will most likely snatch it up).

With only the BidFTA app and emailed receipts, it was difficult to schedule lunch or after-work pickups for items you won at auction. This Airtable was created to assist you in streamlining your bidding, determining when the deadline for bidding was, and estimating your desired bid amount prior to placing a bid.

You may also use it to arrange your pickups so that you are not rushing to retrieve things 30 minutes before the warehouse closes on the last available day. On the watched auctions page, there is also a form view for people who don’t utilise Airtable but still want to give you the items you’re looking for.

After winning, you copy and transfer a watched auction to your won auction area. Then, you can filter depending on the objects you’ve collected or any other data. This Airtable is still in development. In order to keep track of products for which you have receipts, the proposed enhancements include a receipt attachment to winning auctions and an MSRP savings section.

All artefacts are available for purchase in an online auction. Each of these auctions has a convenient location for collection. Use the site’s location filters or a Zip Code search to identify the most convenient pickup location and view the auctions held there.

A Quick Guide To Use BidFTA

For browsing, a Fast Track It account is not required, but bidding requires one. Register at You must have current billing information on file to begin bidding.
BidFTA contains four product grades:

Brand New

BidFTA - Apps on Google Play

Brand The word “new items” refers to products that has never been utilised previously. It is possible that the item is not in its original packaging. They should perform their responsibilities as expected. You have the opportunity to return an item that isn’t new or doesn’t function before leaving the pickup location.

The functionality and completeness of these items are guaranteed. When picking up an item, the winning bidder is required to inspect it. Before leaving the premises, the winning bidder must inform the warehouse if the item is not brand new. Fast Track commences once the successful bidder has departed the auction site with the item. It does not offer a return in the event of a product defect. Frequently, overstock items are acquired and not returned for inventory.

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Appears New

These are items that appear brand-new and have never been used. They are not packaged in their original manner. They should perform their responsibilities as expected. We use the following criteria to determine if a product appears new:

  • All of the pieces look in their proper places.
  • The item appears to have never been used or is filthy.
  • It wasn’t straight from the box.
  • The contents may get damaged during shipment, but the box itself is untouched.

You may return an item before leaving the pickup location if it does not match the “Appears New” or “Works” criteria or if it is broken.

These items’ functionality and completeness have not been evaluated. A bidder must inspect an item before taking it home. Before departing, the bidder must contact the warehouse if the item does not appear to be fresh or unopened, or if there is an issue. Fast Track commences once the successful bidder has departed the auction site with the item. It does not offer a return in the event of a product defect.

Open Box or Unverified Condition

How Do I Find The Auctions I want to Bid On? – Fast Track It Support

An open box or unverified item may be incomplete, damaged, or previously owned, and its functionality has not been verified or tested. These items may have been removed from the package and returned. We do not double-check the presence of every item. The item may or may not be in good condition, and it may or may not be the advertised style/model.

It is not feasible to return opened packages or untested products. We strongly recommend that you evaluate the item during the preview period.

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These items are flawed. We do our best to portray the harm in the narrative and add numerous images. These items’ functionality and completeness have not been evaluated. We recommend that you examine the item during our preview time. Products that must be damaged cannot be returned.

During inspection hours, you are allowed to see any and all auction goods. These times can be seen in each auction’s notes.

After locating an item you wish to bid on, you have the option of submitting the lowest incremental bid or setting a maximum bid. To view a list of products you’ve bid on or are monitoring, select the watch list icon or navigate to My Account > Settings > Watch List.


If a person is migrating and must dispose of some of their goods, or if a corporation is downsizing, going out of business, or shifting locations, they can sell their inventory through a fast-track auction. At these auctions, almost anything that someone no longer desires is auctioned.


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