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The Silent Patient Ending Explained: Everything You Need To Know So Far!

The Silent Patient is a 2019 psychological thriller novel written by British-Cypriot author Alex Michaelides.

Celadon Books, a division of Macmillan Publishers, published the successful debut novel on February 5, 2019.

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The audiobook version, which was released on the same day, is read by Louise Brealey and Jack Hawkins.

The Silent Patient Ending Explained

The Silent Patient is about a wife who mercilessly shoots her own husband.

The Silent Patient Ending Explained

Although Alicia is portrayed as the murderer, her doctor Theo was the masked man who broke into their home and kidnapped her. He also revealed Gabriel’s relationship with Alicia.

This trauma caused Alicia to shoot her husband, but Theo had planned all of this.

He indirectly made Alicia pull the trigger for his benefit because he wanted to work with her.

The Two Storylines Converge: We Finally Find Out Who Kathy is Sleeping Within the Silent Patient

Through Kathy’s window, Theo observes her lover’s wife. He confronts her as she exits the house to enter her studio.
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Kathy’s lover’s wife’s name is… Alicia. Kathy is having an affair with Gabriel Berenson.

The Silent Patient Ending Explained

Yes, we were duped by the book’s timeline trick. Theo’s pursuit of Kathy takes place in the past before Gabriel was murdered.

Alicia’s Diary: Theo appears to be familiar to her. She recognized him as the man who murdered Gabriel and attacked him as a result.

She lied on purpose when she told Theo about Gabriel’s death. Gabriel then inserted a needle into her wrist.

Who Killed Gabriel in the Silent Patient?

Alicia admits to shooting Gabriel after Theo left in her journal. “I didn’t kill Gabriel; Gabriel killed me,” she claims.
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“All I had to do was pull the trigger.”

After learning that Gabriel had cheated on her and hearing Gabriel tell Theo to kill Alicia rather than him, Alicia was returned to her father, who wished that she had died rather than her mother.

Indira and Theo are organizing Alicia’s room. “I never thought Alicia would shoot Gabriel,” Theo reflects.

Theo simply wanted Alicia to understand that her husband did not love her. He had no idea Alicia’s father had wished her death. When Theo realized Alicia recognized him, he felt compelled to murder her. He is now unable to locate her diary.

The Silent Patient Ending Explained

A man named Julian McMahon from the NHS Trust arrives. Diomedes has resigned, and Julian has arrived to inform Theo that the Grove is closing. He offers Theo a new job in another city.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Ending of the Silent Patient Mean?

The Book Concludes With the Police Arriving to Question Him About the Diary. The Big Twist Comes When You Realise They’re Telling Two Different Timelines (One Before the Murder, One After), and Theo Was the “Masked Man” Who Prompted the Murder (Though Alicia is the One Who Actually Did It).

What is the Silent Patient’s Message?

Boundaries, Identification, and Empathy. Theo Faber, the Book’s First-person Narrator, and a Trainee Psychotherapist Insist on Multiple Occasions in Alex Michaelides’ Thriller the Silent Patient That the Goal of His Job is to Feel His Patients’ Pain for Them.

What Did the Painting Mean in the Silent Patient?

Jean-Felix Martin, Alicia’s Friend, and Gallerist Claims That “It’s a Painting About Silence”; Read the Play on Which the Painting is Based, He Suggests to Alicia’s Therapist Theo, and “Then You’ll Understand.
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” Even as Alicia Turns to Euripides’ Alcestis for a Lesson in Silence, Her Own Painting is a Way of Letting Go.

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