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10 Best Sites Like CDkeys to Buy Games Cheaply in 2022

Cdkeys is one of the most frequented sites when it comes to finding cheap games to purchase online. So wouldn’t it be nice to discover a similar store where you could get games for a bargain? For affordable games, check out the top websites like Cdkeys.

I advise doing additional research on the website and the goods before spending your money if you somehow aren’t sure how to properly purchase games online. One of the greatest locations to get games is CDKeys, though there are other websites as well. Be aware that prices might vary from site to site, so it is best to compare prices before making a purchase.

10 Best Sites like Cdkeys to buy games cheaply I 2022


1. G2A


Whether you like it or not, G2A is the best resource for people looking to purchase games for a very low cost. Outside of the primary customers who buy games, this is the biggest website for selling gaming keys. If you didn’t know, CD-Keys fall under this definition as well. Even though many gamers despise G2A, many players adore this site because of its low prices.

Although the games on this website are quite inexpensive, keep in mind that it is not entirely reliable. You can’t trust every seller since the people who sell the keys to you are people just like us. So I advise staying away from less reviewed products and only making purchases from top-rated suppliers. For more possibilities, you may also check out comparable websites like G2A.

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2. Gamivo


My absolute favourite place to find games for a great deal is Gamivo. Although this website is not very well-known, it merits all the attention we can give it. I’ve purchased game keys for numerous games from this website, and I’ve never experienced a key issue.

Although the website is not as large as G2A, it offers many of the most well-known titles available. But keep in mind that the website has one unpleasant feature. You should uncheck that box before checking out because they automatically add their premier subscription to the cart. Overall, a fantastic website with affordable game costs.

3. HRK Game

A well-known website for offering various top games at low cost is HRK Game. Even though not many people are aware of it, if you have been a gamer for a sufficiently long time, you may have already visited this website. You may purchase games on the website for a variety of systems, including PC, Xbox, Nintendo, and more.

The cost of the game is low on the website, and there are constantly amazing games on sale. The website’s games are best purchased during sales or regular festivals. However, there is never a good moment to play any game. If you wanted to get a specific game for a bargain, you would have to wait years for the price to drop. Which, in my opinion, is not a good strategy for the game.

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4. Kinguin


A well-known website for purchasing game keys is Kinguin. Numerous games are available at sites with extremely low prices. You may purchase games from this site for a very low cost, and it is quite reliable. Despite the possibility that you won’t find games at the same pace that Gamivo or G2A do.

The Kinguin website has a huge catalogue, so you may likely find most of the titles you want to purchase. Consider using this website since many users recommend it. You won’t be dissatisfied with it because CDKeys and this website are pretty comparable to one another.

5. Eneba

Another fantastic website for purchasing games at a discount is Eneba. This website is well-known for its affordable prices and reliable keys. Although many gamers utilise the website, the fact that the keys are consistently reliable and functional is what matters most.

Eneba is one of the few reliable places to get games like CD keys despite the fact that there are many other websites that could scam you out of your money. In actuality, I have only included reliable websites that offer good working keys that truly work on this list. But remember to constantly look at the seller ratings, and you’ll be OK. A excellent place to buy games overall.

6. Mmoga


Although Mmoga is mostly an EU-focused website, you may find different game keys there for a fair price. Despite the fact that I only advise purchasing games after comparing the cost on G2A or Gamivo. mostly because these sites are less expensive. But Mmoga’s in-game currency is the one feature that is fantastic for everyone.

Skins, in-game money, and a lot more are all available at incredibly low prices. This is the place for you if you’re looking for a store where you can quickly buy a certain skin or diamonds for a game. Although there aren’t many games available, they are nonetheless reasonably priced for EU consumers. So be sure to benefit from it.

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7. Scdkeys


Okay, does the name ring a bell? Yes, however it’s not the CDKeys site; rather, it’s a website that is identical to it. Gamers can purchase games for a very low cost on the Scdkeys website. Additionally, the game’s repertoire is also quite extensive. All of the popular games are available at a pretty good price.

The user’s profile part is where I personally discovered the drawback. I am aware that this is a minor problem, but the site’s point system is quite difficult to use and the user interface isn’t all that fantastic. It won’t have a big impact on you, but I felt you should at least be aware. Overall, an excellent place to buy keys and other items.

8. Instant Gaming

Instant gaming

Another well-known brand for purchasing games for a very low cost is Instant Gaming. The cost of the site might be inexpensive, but it usually won’t be the lowest on the market. But once you become used to our site, you won’t even bother looking for another place to get game keys.

The website offers a good selection of games, many of which can be purchased for a reasonable price. The key benefit of Instant Gaming is that the majority of games are available for less money, not just a select few. Overall, a decent site to browse and shop at, but there are other, superior options.

9. Gamebillet


Compared to the other top websites on this list, Gamebillet is relatively young, but it already has the potential to rank among the best in its field. You must check Gamebillet if you want to explore a new website where your chances of finding better game keys are high.

In terms of both game selection and cost, Gamebillet is a fantastic website. There are times when our site’s prices for numerous games are less expensive than those of other sites. If you merely want to shop and compare products, it’s a lovely site to come and explore. Overall, a fantastic Cdkeys substitute website for inexpensive video game purchases.

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10. GreenManGaming

A reputable internet retailer for purchasing video game keys is GreenManGaming. This is a relatively reliable site to use for internet purchases. Many online people visit and enjoy the site. Even while this website’s price may be slightly more than those of sites like Gamivo or G2A, it consistently has a large selection of excellent games available for a low cost.

When buying games online, your level of trust will determine whether you choose to spend money or save money. Between them both is the GreenManGaming website. Continue to be dependable so that many players will purchase your games. An excellent website all around for finding bargains.


Well, the truth is that there are still a lot of amazing places to find inexpensive video games that are comparable to or even better than Cdkeys. But I believe I have offered a pretty comprehensive list of the best places to purchase video games at a discount, including CDKeys. Consider these websites as the Cdkeys website’s competitors.

Gamivo is my personal favourite, but you may also use any of the other websites on this list to compare or purchase gaming keys. To play and purchase PC games, you can also try looking through the list of top websites similar to Steam. It’s better to be aware of the alternatives as we all are familiar with steam.

Please let me know which of the aforementioned websites you prefer. Since there may be a significant difference between a global game key and a region-locked gaming key, I advise selecting a website based on your location. Become knowledgeable about money management. If you have any ideas for further substitutions, please leave a remark.


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