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Will There Be a Fifth Season of Infinity Train? Was It Canceled?


Fans of the animated show Infinity Train have been waiting patiently to hear if there will be a fifth season. But the show’s creators haven’t said yet if there will be more episodes or not.

Many people who watch Infinity Train aren’t sure if the show is over or if it will come back for a fifth season. This essay looks into the rumors that have been spread about this long-awaited decision to try to answer that question.

Will There Be a Fifth Season of Infinity Train?

There will not be a season 5 of Infinity Train because the show ended after the fourth season. HBO has canceled Season 5 of Infinity Train, even though it was supposed to start airing at a certain time. Entertainment Weekly reported on March 11 that the popular Netflix show Infinity Train will end after its fourth season.

Infinity Train Season 5

Owen Dennis, Infinity Train’s creator, reportedly told EW that

“I’m so thankful to the crew of Infinity Train for helping make it what it became and to the fans for their incredible support over the years. While Book 4 ends, I’ll always be grateful and never forget that this series has meant so much to many people.”

If you enjoy Infinity Train, don’t give up hope just yet. Nevertheless, Dennis has stated that season 4 was always intended to be shortened, and he is excited to make more IT episodes.

“Maybe someday we’ll be able to make more, I don’t know, but for the foreseeable future, this is going to be the last season, and I hope you all have a good time watching it.”

When Will Season 5 of Infinity Train Be Released?

Season 5 of Infinity Train has not yet been released due to the series’ termination. We might never get another chance to board the Infinity Train.

A similar series or anthology season of shorts to The Train Documentaries might be created. Numerous spectators were caught aback by this statement because they had been looking forward to an exciting fifth season.

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Several viewers were surprised and bewildered by the revelation, as there had been no prior notice that work had been paused or that cancellation was a possibility. Despite this, Infinity Train fans should not give up hope just yet, since Cartoon Network has not ruled out bringing the show back at some point.

What is Infinity Train About?

Owen Dennis, who used to work on Regular Show as a writer and storyboard artist, made the American animated series Infinity Train. By the year 2022, there have been four full seasons and a few miniseries.

Infinity Train Season 5

Because the pilot episode was so popular, Cartoon Network decided to make a full miniseries, which started on August 5, 2019. When the first season was over, Cartoon Network said that the show would keep going as a collection of short stories.

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The first episode of the second season aired on January 6, 2020, on Cartoon Network. Season 3 started on HBO Max on August 13, 2020, and had ten episodes over the course of three weeks. Season 4 was released in full on April 15, 2021.

Is There a Trailer for Infinity Train Season 5?

There will not be a season 5 of Infinity Train because the show ended after the fourth season. You can watch 4th season trailer below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Infinity Train Cancelled?

One of the most vexing departures is the highly lauded and, frankly, brilliant Infinity Train, which had already been pulled from Cartoon Network, relegated to streaming-only with no fanfare, then canceled after only four seasons.

Is Infinity Train a Kids Show?

I would give this an 8+ rating, but because of the serious and gloomy themes, as well as the slightly scary/creepy aspect of some of the fights, I have to raise it up to Age 10.

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