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Who Dies in Obx Season 3? All Outer Banks Season 3 Deaths Explained!


Teenagers and adults search for the mysterious city of El Dorado in the Netflix Original Series Outer Banks. When our teens go on this dangerous journey to find buried treasure, they end up in a dangerous criminal world full of evil bad guys with guns.

As you might expect, all of this leads to a lot of fighting and deaths. In the third season, the search for untold riches leads to a lot of unexpected and violent deaths, some of which are of major characters. Here is a list of the main people who died in Season 3 of Outer Banks.

Who Dies in Outer Banks Season 3?


Ward has been dangerously near death several times throughout the series, including a major boat explosion in season two. Ward dies in a fairly dignified manner in the season 3 finale, despite the fact that it was all a deception.

Who Dies in Obx Season 3

Ward sacrificed his life in an attempt to save Sarah and the Pogues when Carlos Singh’s minion, Ryan, cornered them and threatened to shoot them. Ward charges Ryan and is shot as a result. He then gets into a fight with Ryan, and they both fall off a cliff and die.

Big John

The Pogues thought Big John was already dead, but towards the end of season 2, they found out that he was still alive. Even though Big John was finally given a proper introduction in OBX3, he doesn’t make it to season 4.

Who Dies in Obx Season 3

Carlos Singh follows the gang as they leave South America and shoots Big John. During the last part of the story, Big John was able to keep going and keep the gold safe. But the wound got worse over time, causing him to bleed out and die.

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Tommy Sowell

Tommy Sowell is a professor who investigates the famous El Dorado treasure and was Big John’s mentor. As John B and his father go to meet Sowell to find out where the wealth is said to be, Singh’s men come up and kill the professor with a poisoned blow dart.

Carlos Singh

The season’s main antagonist also does not make it to the end, as he is killed in an explosion in episode 10. After finding their way to El Dorado, John B and Sarah return to the entryway, where Singh awaits them.

Having no other option, Big John, who had been hidden in the shadows, tosses a lit stick of dynamite at the door, which Singh tries to diffuse but it explodes and kills him, effectively sealing off the entrance to the city of riches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch Outer Box Season 3?

Outer Banks season three is available to stream on Netflix with subscription plans starting at $9.99 per month.

Will There Be a Fourth Season of Outer Banks?

Netflix just picked up Outer Banks for a fourth season, which is good because Stokes says that the end of season 3 sets up a whole new story that he can’t wait to get into.

Where Were Outer Banks Season 3 Filmed?

While the third season of OBX appears to take viewers to a variety of destinations (including Guadeloupe, Basseterre in St. Kitts, and Venezuela), it was actually shot in Barbados and Charleston, South Carolina.

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