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Is New Dawn the Real Danger in Carnival Row Season 2?


Since the Burgue’s attention in Season 2 of Carnival Row is on the Sparas, New Dawn has a more significant opportunity to develop into a severe threat to the entire community.

Imogen and Agreus had been dragged into The Pact’s territory when we last left them.
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It seems that Ragusa is no longer a part of The Pact’s sphere of influence. Leonora now serves as the leader of New Dawn.

The flaws in New Dawn were immediately apparent to Agreus. He saw his crew executed without a trial. The bullets were heading in his direction, but they were suddenly halted. The whole thing with Leonora raised serious suspicions in his mind after that, and it turns out he has heard of her.

Despite being at the helm of New Dawn, she is an egalitarian who believes that humans and faeries can and should coexist peacefully and productively. It looks good on the surface, but there are some downsides to New Dawn.

The Dangers Inside New Dawn in Season 2 of Carnival Row!

In New Dawn, The Pact is asking for help from The Burgue right now. The Pact needs weapons to stop New Dawn, and The Burgue knows that New Dawn is a threat.

But New Dawn is in a different world from The Burgue right now, so the focus is on the Sparas and the “threat” of the fae in their own world.

Is New Dawn the Real Danger in Carnival Row Season 2?

This lets New Dawn act without making noise. There are spies and tech in New Dawn. It has people working for it who believe in freedom and liberty instead of fear.

But that could change. Agreus has seen how bad New Dawn can be. People are being killed without being tried first. Many of them just vanish, and people act like they never existed. What kind of planet is that?

People can do what they want, but they can’t question what Leonora does.
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People have the freedom to be with both humans and fae, but they can’t stand up for themselves. They are told when to eat, where to live, and when and where to work. Is that what freedom means?

At its core, this is a communist government. I’m not saying that a communist government is always bad. All kinds of social systems have problems. Both the bad parts of capitalism and the bad parts of communism bother me a lot.

The thing that bothers me about New Dawn in Carnival Row is the propaganda that says it’s a place of happiness and freedom. That’s not quite true. But if Leonora told the deep, dark truth, how else could she get humans and fae to follow her?

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Are Sophie and Jonah Really Dead on Carnival Row?

After Episode 5 of the last season, there is no way that either of these characters will come back. Both sides of the government have a complete change of power, which could cause a lot of trouble for both humans and the fae.

Sophie was killed for being a traitor. She was the first of the three prisoners to go to the guillotine, and there’s no way she could have lived through that.

Is New Dawn the Real Danger in Carnival Row Season 2?

The thing that has been killing both humans and fae came after Jonah. This thing set Vignette free. When you look at the people the creature is attacking, you will find that they are all connected to Vignette in some way.

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