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Will There Be a Movie Version of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”? What Do We Know?


Prepare yourself, Harry Potter fans: the wizarding series may be expanding. There has been talking about bringing “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” to theatres. And the Gryffindors (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint) could be implicated.

“Warner Bros. is now investigating how to put The Cursed Child to the big screen,” a source told The Sun. “At the present, it is in its early phases, and they are debating the next measures to take it forward.”

Fans of the beloved “Harry Potter” films may be conflicted about Warner Bros.’s choice to cash in on the concept.

Critics panned its most recent venture, the “Fantastic Beasts” film. So much so that filmmakers decided to call it quits on the five-film series after only three chapters, according to 7news.

“It would be a relief if the series were to end. “No amount of movie magic can redeem it now,” said Shirley Li in The Atlantic after the latest “Fantastic Beasts” sequel was released.

Following the failure of “Fantastic Beasts,” Warner Bros is reportedly “full steam ahead” with the “Cursed Child” series, although considerable modifications may be required to impress fans. The West End production of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” has gotten a deluge of negative feedback.

What is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child All About?

J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany wrote “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” as a play. The drama follows Harry 19 years after his victory over Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts.

Harry’s life has changed; he is now a husband and father of three, working for the Ministry of Magic. And his traumatic history continues to haunt him.

His eldest son, Albus, is facing his own set of difficulties as he follows in his famous father’s footsteps at Hogwarts.

Will There Be a Movie Version of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child"

When Albus is sorted into Slytherin, the Hogwarts house infamous for breeding dark wizards, and meets Scorpius Malfoy, son of Harry’s boyhood adversary, Draco, he embarks on a drastically different road than Harry.

The original drama lasted approximately six hours and was divided into two sections. After “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” was performed on stages around the world, a three-hour version of the play was written.

The drama premiered at the Palace Theater in London’s West End in July 2016. According to the Cursed Child website, it is now playing in theatres around the world, including Broadway, Melbourne, Hamburg, Toronto, and Tokyo.

Fans of the “Cursed Child” play and the original “Harry Potter” series have high expectations for the play’s transformation.

The “Cursed Child” received mixed reviews from critics. It was described as “record-breakingly lavish and extravagantly entertaining” by Media.

Nonetheless, several commentators were concerned that the “complex” plot would be “tricky” for moderate “Harry Potter” fans to understand, such as those who had only watched the movies and maybe read the books once.

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