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My Lv999 Love For Yamada-kun Chapter 92 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Read!


My Lv999 Love For Yamada-kun Chapter 92 Release Date: Mashiro’s shjo manga series My Lv999 Love For Yamada-kun is a popular one. He wrote and drew it.

It tells the story of Akane Kinoshita, a girl with a broken heart who turns to online gaming for comfort.
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There, she meets Akito Yamada, a pro gamer who has never been in love.

As they play together, they form a bond that goes beyond the game and helps them deal with problems in their real lives.

Since 2017, the manga has been released in parts on Comic Smart’s Ganma! Magazine and Media Factory has put them all together in six books.

In this article, we will discuss My Lv999 Love For Yamada-kun Chapter 92 Release Date. Scroll down and read the full article.

My Lv999 Love For Yamada-kun Chapter 92 Recap!

In the last chapter, Akane and her friends met Ruka, a guild member who is also a well-known voice actor. Ruka is nervous and shies around Akane, but she is kind to him and gives him a piece of cake.

But he thinks that Akane sees him as a child and not as someone she might like to date. He also sees that Runa, another guildmate who likes him, is giving him a jealous look.

Akito comes to the rooftop cafe late, and Akane gives him a hug when he gets there. He is surprised by how nice she is and thinks she might be drunk.

Then he sees Ruka and realizes that he is his gaming rival.
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He also notices that Ruka seems to like Akane, which makes him feel uncomfortable.

He decides to sit down next to Akane to show that he owns that area. Akane tells Ruka that Akito is her boyfriend when she introduces him to him.

My Lv999 Love For Yamada-kun Chapter 92 Release Date

Ruka is surprised and upset by this news, and she wonders why Akane has never told her this before. Then he tells them he’s glad for them and tries to act casual. He can’t help but be jealous of Akito’s relationship with Akane, though.

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My Lv999 Love For Yamada-kun Chapter 92 Spoilers!

In the next chapter, Akane, Akito, Ruka, and Runa might talk to each other more. Ruka could try to get closer to Akane and learn more about how she feels about Akito.

He might also try to charm her and show her how good he is at voice acting.
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Runa, who doesn’t want to give up on him easily, could give him trouble, though.

Akito might also worry that Akane likes Ruka more than him because of their relationship. He might try to be more open about his feelings for her and show Ruka who is in charge. He might also ask Ruka to play a game with him to show how good he is.

Akane might not notice how angry Akito and Ruka are with each other and just want to hang out with her friends.

She might also be interested in Ruka’s job as a voice actor and ask him a few questions about it. She might also encourage Akito’s love of video games and cheer him on.

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My Lv999 Love For Yamada-kun Chapter 92 Release Date And Where to Read!

The next chapter of My Lv999 Love for Yamada-kun should come out on April 7, 2023. You will be able to read the chapter online at Yamadalv999, which is Mashiro’s official manga website. The chapter will also be on Mangamo, which is the only digital publisher in North America for the series.

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