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Is Austin Butler Gay? The Real Truth Will Shock the Fans!


Is Austin Butler Gay: When people see Austin Butler play Elvis Presley in the movie “Elvis,” they can’t deny that he is one of the best actors in Hollywood. Elvis Presley was a well-known singer, and people thought he was gay.

So, Austin’s sexuality has become a questionable topic as well. So, what does Austin Butler’s sexuality really look like? We looked at his personal life and found that he is honest. Here’s all the information you need to know.

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Is Austin Butler Gay?

Austin Butler is a well-known actor who rose to prominence by appearing in a number of hit films, but his performance in “Elvis” earned him worldwide notoriety. On the other hand, it eventually cast doubt on his sexual orientation. Because Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, has a feminine appearance.

Is Austin Butler Gay

Because Elvis’ character involves eye makeup and lacks a beard, Austin Butler seemed gay after applying all of his Elvis parsley makeup. As a result, some assume that Austin Butler is gay. Yet that is just incorrect. He is a straight man who likes ladies.

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Austin also posed for a shot with Shawn Mendes earlier this year. As a result, everyone felt gay after seeing that couple’s photo. The real explanation is that Austin is a close buddy of Shawn, which is why they posed for a photo together.

What is the Relationship Status of Austin Butler?

Austin Butler, an American actor, is straight, as evidenced by his relationship history. He has openly dated women, so there is no reason for anyone to suspect he is gay. Let’s take a look at the women Austin Butler has publicly dated.

Vanessa Hudgens

Austin Butler began dating Vanessa Hudgens, a cast member from High School Musical, in 2011. First, the couple kept it a secret, but once the media and fans assumed, they made it public. They were together for nine years before splitting in 2020.

Kaia Gerber


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Austin began his public affair with Kaia Geber after splitting up with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa. She is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford. Kaia, her daughter, has also chosen modeling as a career. Butler and Gerber started dating in the year 2021.

Why Do People Think Austin Butler is a Gay?

Mostly because of the way he played Elvis Presley. But in this section, we’ll talk about what Elvis was like and how that fits in with rumors about Austin’s sexuality. First of all, Elvis’s dance moves are a lot like those of women, and he used to sing the parts of the songs that women sang.

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Are you not believing us? Use your phone to play the hound dog game. At the time, many men thought that Elvis Presley was a transgender fantasy. He also used to put eye makeup on, like eye shadow, and most of the time Elvis didn’t have a beard.

Is Austin Butler Gay

All of these things made us wonder if the famous singer “Elvis” was gay or straight. Now that Austin Butler has brilliantly portrayed even the minute details of Elvis, that is the reason that people thought that he might be gay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Austin Butler Gay?

Austin Butler is not gay.

How Old is Austin Butler?

He was born on August 17, 1991, which makes him 31 years old now.

What is the Height of Austin Butler?

Austin Butler stands at 5 feet 11 inches and is 1.82 m tall.

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