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My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 445 Release Date: The Wait is Over!


My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 445 Release Date: Are you familiar with the well-known manga series titled “My Wife Is a Demon Queen?” Have you been keeping track of the passage of time in anticipation of the arrival of chapter 445?

If such is the case, then you are not the only one! In this post, we will provide you with all of the information that you require regarding the publication date of My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 445.

My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 445 Release Date!

On April 16, 2023, it is anticipated that My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 445 will be made available to read online. This release date is based on the previous schedule and, may be changed from time to time.

Stay tuned with Crossover99 for all updates. On the other hand, the author’s schedule and the modifications made to the official platforms can cause this date to be moved, so keep that in mind.

My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 444 is available on the official websites of Manhuafast, s2manga, and Kakaopage for your reading pleasure.

You can also discover some unofficial sources online, but it is highly recommended that you read from the official sites so that you can show your support for the original creators.

Chihung Yao and Rong Rong are the authors of the My Wife Is a Demon Queen Manhua series, while DW and Rong Rong are the artists behind the accompanying illustrations.

My Wife Is a Demon Queen Chapter 444 Release Date

It is about a human child named Xiang Ye who is called to another world by Isabella, the former queen of the demon tribe who was betrayed by her subordinate. Xiang Ye is the only human who can stop Isabella from destroying the world.

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They set off on an expedition together in order to retake Isabella’s throne and bring peace back to the relationship between humans and demons. It is a fantasy romance novel that also contains aspects of action, comedy, and isekai.

In Chapter 444 of My Wife Is a Demon Queen, Xiang Ye, and Isabella engage in combat with Protoss, the previous chief of the demon tribe who betrayed them.

Xiang Ye and Isabella are the ones who betrayed them. After unleashing his maximum strength, Xiang Ye manages to do some damage to Protoss with his sword.

On the other hand, Protoss divulges that he is in possession of a hidden weapon, which turns out to be a dragon egg that he stole from the dragon clan.

He then triggers the egg, which results in the summoning of a massive dragon that attacks both Isabella and Xiang Ye.

The chapter comes to a dramatic close on a cliffhanger as Xiang Ye makes an unsuccessful attempt to shield Isabella from the dragon’s flame breath.

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