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When Is Blue Lock Chapter 217 Release Date? It Gets Wilder!


Blue Lock Episode 217 release is fast approaching and fans have been speculating about what might happen already and are waiting for any news regarding the release date or spoilers. The anime series continues to draw much attenuate from fans here is all the information you would be needing concerning Blue Lock episode 217.

Blue Lock Episode 217 Release Date

blue lock chapter 217 release date

Blue Lock episode 217 has been confirmed to be released on April 30, 2023. There is time for the release of the anime series but fans are not being patient and they are greatly waiting.

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Blue Lock Episode 217 Spoiler

blue lock chapter 217 release date

Spoilers and raw scans of anime series are usually released in about three or four days initially before the official release date of the episode. Blue lock’s next episode would be released on 30 April and the raw scan and spoilers are expected to be out on 27 April 2023.

Where Can You Read Blue Lock Episode 217?

blue lock chapter 217 release date

The Blue Lock anime series is available online on Kodansha and the official website of Blue Lock. International fans can also get the English translation of the anime series on the mentioned sites.

Blue Lock Cast And Character

blue lock chapter 217 release date

Yoichi Isagi by Kazuki Ura

Meguru Bachira by Kaito Tasuku

Jinpachi Ego by Hiroshi Kamiva

Seishiro Nagi by Nobunaga Shimazaki

Shoei Baro by Junichi Suwabe

Hyoma Chigiri by Soma Saito

Rin itoshi by Kouki Uchiyama

Jyubei Aryu by Katsuvuki Konishi

Aoshi Tokimitsu by Shinnosuke Tachibana

Rensuke Kunigami by Yuuki Ono

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Blue Lock Season 1 Plot And What To Expect In Season 2

blue lock chapter 217 release date

Blue Lock first season covered half the currently-published source anime series and Season 2 would be expected to cover volumes 12-23. This means that there is a lot to expect from season 2. The events of Blue Lock season 1 featured the core players advancing to the Third selection.

The top selected must compete to form a team. There were the top 35 players in the program and they are mandated to compete in other to form a team of eleven that would be competing against Japan’s national Under 20 team.

After the Under 20 turn, events in the anime series got even wilder. It would shock you that Ego has much bigger plans in place to test the proficiency of his players which also featured an international televised tournament.

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