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Is Trent Crimm From Ted Lasso Gay?


Is Trent Crimm From Ted Lasso Gay? Trent Crimm has been in Ted Lasso since the first season, but the old hack has changed a lot in the last few years. At the end of Ted Lasso season 2, he was fired from his paper for leaking that Nate was a confidential source. He is now trying to start a new chapter in his life.

In the third season of Ted Lasso, Trent asked Ted and AFC Richmond if he could follow them around for the season so he could write a book about how they were able to succeed despite all odds. Since this was a sitcom, Trent quickly fell in love with the Richmond faithful and the rest of the Ted Lasso company.

In episode 6 of Ted Lasso’s third season, we get a better look at Trent outside of his job and find out something new about him. So, Is Trent Crimm Gay?

Who is Trent Crimm?

Trent Crimm is a made-up character from the comedy show Ted Lasso on Apple TV+. James Lance plays him on stage. Ted Lasso Wiki says that Trent Crimm is a sports reporter who used to work for The Independent but quit at the end of season 2.

Is Trent Crimm From Ted Lasso Gay

He writes a lot about AFC Richmond, the football team coached by Ted Lasso. Before he asks a question, he usually says, “My name is Trent Crimm. The Independent.”

He is known for treating Ted and his team with cynicism and sarcasm, but over time he comes to accept and admire them.

Is Trent Crimm From Ted Lasso Gay?

Yes, Ted Lasso’s Trent Crimm is gay. The former sports reporter for the Independent told Colin while they were in Amsterdam that, even though he had a family, he had spent most of his life in the closet and had only recently come out to them.

Trent did this because he had seen Colin kissing his partner before. Colin hasn’t told the other members of AFC Richmond that he’s gay, so it’s likely that Trent did this to help Colin feel more comfortable with his sexuality.

This year, haters have said bad things about a lot of famous people. Jenna Ortega, Moon Bin, and a lot of other well-known people are on this list.

But in the past, our posts have answered all of our fans’ questions. As we did before, we’ll try to answer your question about whether or not Trent Crimm is gay.

Trent Crimm’s Character Development!

Trent Crimm first showed up in Ted Lasso as a reporter for the newspaper The Independent. Rebecca hired him when she was still trying to get back at her ex-husband Rupert by destroying AFC Richmond.

Since Trent Crimm’s first episode on Ted Lasso, he has changed a lot. He used to be Ted’s rival, but now he is his friend and ally.

Is Trent Crimm From Ted Lasso Gay

In season 3 of Ted Lasso, he has become an even bigger part of the show, as Trent works on a book about AFC Richmond after being fired from The Independent and the team’s return to the Premier League.

Trent was fired at the end of season 2 of Ted Lasso because he told Ted that Nate was the anonymous source for his story about Ted’s panic attack. This was the best example of his growth.

It showed that he was loyal to Ted and that, unlike in the past, he was putting his morals ahead of his job.

If Trent were to expose Colin in Ted Lasso season 3, it would go against all of Colin’s growth as a character and show that he cares more about big stories and news than the people he’s writing about.

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